Ray Rice’s Suspension and Sports Media’s Indignation

You know NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games, due to an altercation with his then-fiance, now wife. We discussed this in our blog post “Ray Rice KO’s Fiancee.” We also correctly noted:

In BSP’s preliminary justice and sentencing methodology, Rice should be headed for prison. But that’s not happening.

As much as some people want to believe Rice is done in Baltimore, he’s not. One, he’s not had a court proceeding. Two, Baltimore is an organization that circles the wagons as far as protecting their players …

…. In my opinion, Ray Rice will skate. The charges will end up either dropped or going away, despite the presence of the video.

In response to the “light” suspension, sports media has displayed its outrage. Fox Sports Radio’s “California Yellers”, as Mike Taylor called them, weighed in with their typical “screaming at the top of our lungs” manner. You see that thing in front of you? It’s called a MICROPHONE, PEOPLE CAN HEAR YOU JUST FINE! Oh yea, FSR says the reason for sports talk is to get the opinion of the people. No its not. It’s to generate ratings and make money! If you can’t do that, you’ll do something besides yelling at a microphone for a living!

Meanwhile, ESPN spouts its Disney politically correct line and virtually every other media outlet bloviates with its “the suspension is too weak.”

Because my father had committed domestic violence and I was a supervisor in the U.S. military, I understand some stuff about domestic violence. Domestic violence is rarely as cut and dried as portrayed in the media. Personally, I think it’s total bullshit that there’s much in the way of provocations resulting in physical violence. A perpetrator can almost always walk away from that stuff. But Ray Rice was in that elevator. And there isn’t much walking away in an elevator. BSP would never defend what Ray Rice did. But we weren’t in that elevator.

California Yellers, ESPN op-ed writers and very few others have any idea what happened in that elevator. Roger Goodell does. I hardly think Goodell’s gone soft or anything like that. I do think Goodell based his punishment on what happened in that elevator, and the sports media posturing is basically nonsense.


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St. Tony the Good and Sam-Mania

Check this out: Two powerful forces collided this week in the NFL: St. Tony the Good now appears to be the Bad Guy, and a high energy special teamer owns the NFL. At least the special teamer safely owns the NFL’s media.

St. Tony, also known as Tony Dungy has been a target of BSP complaints for oh so many years. You know, homerism towards the Dallas Cowboys and bitching about the Titans gunning for Lord Peyton. Unfortunately for the Left in America, Tony Dungy has some accurate points on the Michael Sam situation:

I wouldn’t have taken him,’’ Dungy told the Tampa Tribune. “Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it. It’s not going to be totally smooth . . . things will happen.’’

Naturally, the Left is all over St. Tony for the comments. The Left actually thinks being named SEC Defensive Player of the Year … actually CO-SEC Defensive Player of the Year, with C.J. Mosley … means Sam is going to be a superstar. Of course, the Left despises athletics, and has no idea what they are talking about.

Teams were bypassing him in part because they didn’t want to deal with the distraction. Say what you want about distractions … whether a guy who has a checkered past is a distraction … it matters where you get picked. Michael Vick was a first overall pick; he was also the fastest quarterback ever to play the game. His measurables and game tape were off the charts. He singlehandedly kept VA Tech in the national title game against Florida State. No such thing with Sam. His game tape showed him dominating Vanderbilt and Arkansas State, while playing pedestrian games against more talented teams. If you want to know what a good pro Sam’s going to be, watch Jake Matthews’ game tape where he goes about shoving Sam … and Kony Ealy, who’s going to be a better pro … around a football field.

Teams were also bypassing Sam because he didn’t have high draft-pick talent. His MEASURABLES caused his draft status to drop; a tweener, as are dozens of great collegiate players who played with a hand in the dirt but now have to convert to linebacker.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the measurables of say, Jadevon Clowney.

A weak combine matching up with a so-so Pro Day sent Sam’s draft stock plummeting. It’s the opinion of BSP, if Sam hadn’t announced his sexual preference, he would have gone as an undrafted free agent. The NFL is anxious to show it’s not a league of “homophobes”, as the Left likes to portray them. Everyone in America is frightened of being “intolerant”, as if being branded as such is going to make them more tolerant.

What does Dungy mean by “things would happen?” He means protests. You cut Michael Sam? YOU HATE GAY PEOPLE, HOMOPHOBE!

I remember reading “The Unsung Hero of the Russian Avant-Garde”, and thought about the term “toadyism towards the West.” I thought about how sports media and the Soviet Union work in such a similar manner.You will like what we want you to like, and the rest of you be damned.

This afternoon, I heard Doug Gottlieb and his take on Tony Dungy’s comments. Gottlieb made a few anti-religion comments himself.  Then Gottlieb brought in a parrot who agreed with everything he said. Lock-step, Himmler-style. Normally, I’m flexible enough to bypass stuff like that, but Gottlieb isn’t good enough to listen to. He’s an anti-religion bigot. Not to mention, a criminal:

Gottlieb was expelled from Notre Dame after 27 games. Why? He was charged with a felony for stealing his roommates’ credit cards and racking up over $1,000 in stolen goods. He sat out the remainder of his transfer year and eventually committed to Oklahoma State to play out the remainder of his collegiate career.

BSP isn’t too fond of criminals, and even less fond of criminals trying to lecture on morality.


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Tragedy Strikes Commercial Aircraft

Unless you’ve been in Stupidville, you’ve seen where a surface-to-air missile shot down a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777. More than 300 people died in the shootdown.

I say Stupidville because apparently, at least one person can’t believe the source of that surface-to-air missile.

Wait, the “People’s Republic” so-called “defense minister” stated they had shot down an Antonov AN-26 belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Next, the claim gets deleted, but has been saved. Damn your Wayback Machine, Internet! Then they claim the Ukrainian government shot down the airplane. Did we have to mention how the Ukrainian government doesn’t have to shoot down aircraft, because the rebels don’t have airplanes?  Facts like that get brushed aside.

I should start a page for dupes who will swallow propaganda by anyone who calls themselves “non-mainstream.” I don’t mean Fox News, which is the very definition of mainstream. After all, if the majority of viewers watch you, aren’t you the mainstream? It’s hard to be an outsider when you are The Inside. Ah, advertising.

Regardless, this is a tragedy because of the people lost, and the senseless reason for people being lost, because of concern about Malaysia Airlines. The airlines was losing money even before the disappearance of MH370. Now three B777 jets…including the one at SF International last year, some of the safest commercial aircraft ever built, have been lost.

I saw on Fox News how some SPAMmer said there are defense systems for commercial aircraft. Understand this: The B777 had NO CHANCE against a double-digit SAM system, no matter how it is outfitted. NONE. SA-11 is a very good system. The SA-17, it’s successor, is a BAMF. Commercial aircraft survive through the largesse of those on the ground. They are not designed to survive SAM detonations. The individuals on board the aircraft likely had no idea what happened and they died immediately. At least they didn’t suffer.

We should take the People’s Republic to task over this, despite the fact commercial aircraft shootdowns have taken place before. In 2001, Ukraine itself shot down a Russian Airbus commercial jetliner over the Black Sea, with an errant SA-5 SAM. Interestingly enough, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin denied the Ukrainian government had shot down that aircraft, and stated a US military claim that the SA-5 shot down the aircraft to be “unworthy of attention.” Then Ukraine admitted its missile had shot down the aircraft. Reportedly, Ukraine banned the testing of Buk, SA-10 (another BAMF) and similar missile systems for a period of 7 years following this incident. Meanwhile, the People’s Republic has come out with no such admission of culpability.



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Buzz Aldrin Properly Addresses a Conspiracy Theorist.

Of all the things we despise on this blog, the one we hate the absolute most (as of today) is Reality Deniers.

You know, the people who are sometimes called “Truthers”, as in something they actively avoid.

Lee Harvey Bag shot John F. Kennedy, for reasons we’ve clearly expressed on this blog. In the same post, we’ve stated men from the United States landed on the moon. And the current U.S. President was born in the United States, no matter what many of you might think. The reason some people don’t want to believe these statements is simple: Because they are looking for attention. When their theories are spoiled, they just spout it some more, as if that’s going to make it more true.

Buzz Aldrin, American hero and astronaut tires of having some bag named Bart Simbrel follow him around calling him a liar:

Bart Simbrel. Who the f**k are you? Who cares about you or what you think?

Here’s what I know about Aldrin:

Mr Aldrin, the second man after Neil Armstrong to set foot on the moon in the Apollo 11 mission, is one of America’s most famous space pioneers.

A former US Air Force pilot who flew in the Korean war, Mr Aldrin joined NASA in 1963.


Here’s what I know about the bag who was following him around:

Nashville, Tennessee-based taxi driver and conspiracy theorist

Police declined to file charges against Aldrin. Perhaps they should file charges against the bag who instigated the thing in the first place. The only thing keeping him from superbag status is the fact he’s only a theorist, not a doer.


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The New York Yankees and what they mean to me

Did you know as of July 19, 2014, the New York Yankees trail the Baltimore Orioles by 3.5 games in the American League East standings?

I didn’t. And that’s a damn shame.

You see, despite the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers and whatever other professional sports teams insist on their relevance, no team in sports means more than the New York Yankees. From the Wikipedia article on the NYY:

… due in part to their success, the Yankees have garnered enormous popularity worldwide and a dedicated fanbase, as well as widespread enmity from fans of other MLB teams.

The Yankees won their first World Series in 1923. Since then, they’ve won 26 more World Series, in every single decade since then except for the 1980’s.

If your favorite baseball team has actually contended for a WS championship, the Yankees have had something to say about it. In my early years on the east coast, I followed the late-70’s and early-80’s Baltimore Orioles. I can’t tell you how many times my sister and I went to Baltimore’s old Memorial Stadium to watch Earl Weaver’s Orioles do battle with the NYY. You know, the Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry, Rich Gossage, Chris Chambliss, Graig Nettles, Sparky Lyle NYY. Those were real battles because the teams were closely matched, talented and well managed. Of course, the Yankees had a running battle with the Boston Red Sox. It was unbearable to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees in those days because something extremely negative was going to happen to Boston. The biggest of these on-field disasters occurred in 1978.

The Red Sox held a 2-0 lead in the (in)famous playoff game against the Yankees. Light-hitting shortstop Bucky Dent went into the Green Monster net to give NYY a 3-2 lead. If you ever have Red Sox fan start giving you junk about how they’ve suddenly become a juggernaut, remind them of that little moment. The Yankees gained a 5-2 lead, then held on for a 5-4 win. The NYY later went on to win the 1978 WS over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

You’ll see in the comments how one person says Dent’s home run is the most overrated in the history of the sport. No, actually there’s very few home runs more meaningful than that one. And as you know, I don’t like the NYY.

Did we mention the late George Steinbrenner (1930-2010), a symbol of all that’s right and wrong with sports? His spending excess led to what a lot of people believe is wrong with sports … pay becoming more meaningful than the sport itself. It also led to a style of ownership that’s more popular with fans … an owner willing to pump profits into the only thing that matters … winning. Some owners attempted to duplicate Steinbrenner’s style, but none have done it for such a long and sustained period, roughly 30 years.

You as well as I do know the Yankees have had a number of painful moments. The Lou Gehrig retirement speech.

Thurman Munson’s death, and the Yankees playing the night of Munson’s funeral.

And who would ever forget the post 9/11 first pitch, thrown by the previous U.S.  President?

The NBA and NFL didn’t even exist in their current incarnations when NYY won its first WS. Why do we lose sight of the Yankees, the most storied and long-lasting franchise in sports? We are no longer about the marathon. We only get sound bites, momentary items in our ADD society. It’s time we go back to baseball, the Yankees and what really means something.


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Married at First Sight

Are you kidding me?

These marriage experts are getting couples together and they get married.

The first time they see each other, they are at the altar. Seriously?

In the words of one of my old season ticket holder friends, “the Washington bench erupts.” Are you kidding me? The first time you see this woman/man, you’re committing to eternal marriage? That’s beyond crazy talk.

The first one (the one initially in the video), it’s clear the woman does not find the man attractive at all. It is also clear he wants to bang her! I haven’t seen the entire show so I don’t know what’s going to happen. The second one, the guy and the woman are actually enjoying it. They are pretty good looking, too. They are going to copulate, and copulate an awful lot. They appear to be a decent match.

I haven’t seen the black couple yet. I’m sure it’s going to be a disaster. She’s high maintenance.

I can’t believe I’m watching this mess.

I’m thinking Doc Emrick. IN-CREDIBLE!

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Kluwe Suing Vikings for $10M+

You heard that right. A PUNTER is suing the Minnesota Vikings for $10M, for homophobic comments made by special teams coach Mike Priefer.  Chris Kluwe, whom we’ve posted about previously, reqested specific punishment for the coach, and a donation of $1M to LGBT support groups. The Vikings were reportedly willing to give “only” $100K.

I know what to say about everything … except this. Kluwe believes he was cut by the Vikings due to his outspoken stances on LGBT rights. Then he was signed by Oakland in the 2013 offseason and was in training camp.  He lost a spirited battle with Marquette King, and was cut before the season started.  3o other NFL teams have not signed Kluwe since then.

From a pure football management standpoint, we get it. We understand it 100 times out of 100. Kluwe was making a lot of money as a punter. That standalone fact gets you in NFL trouble. The Vikings drafted a punter. If you spend a draft choice on a kicker/punter, that guy is going to play. For less than the veteran you just cut. Kickers and punters get cut. It’s the life at that position. In the entire history of the NFL, only two kickers (one placekicker, one punter) are in the Hall of Fame. Kluwe, who steadily pushed for Ray Guy’s inclusion into the NFL Hall of Fame, is not in the same league. In the NFL, if a guy is a pain in the ass and is easily replaceable, he is. I don’t know why Kluwe thinks he’s so special he should have retained his job in Minnesota.

In this writer’s eyes … and I could be completely wrong … Kluwe’s lawsuit is trumped up. What happened to him happens to players all the time. Whether that’s right or not from a moral standpoint is up for debate.

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