Daniel Snyder’s Advice to Jerry Jones


Editor's Note: Suggesting Dan Snyder Is A Bullshitter Is Not As Libelous As Writing, "Dan Snyder Blows Dogs"

Photo from Deadspin.

What advice would one terrible owner have to another? Because you read this blog, you know the two men, despite the adversarial relationship between the fan bases, are friendly with each other. So what would Daniel Snyder offer Jerry Jones? Let Jones explain it:

“Well, he called me one time [when] we were having a tough time of it,” Jones recalled. “And he said ‘Now don’t take this wrong. You know how much I respect you.’ But he said ‘I’ve got some advice for you.’

“And I kind of rolled my eyes on the other end of the phone, thought well here goes. And he said ‘Drink a lot.’ ”

That is good advice. Jones didn’t say which poison Snyder recommended, but we can surmise that it was either Bud Light or Crown Royal.

Actually, we have it on good authority Jerry Jones prefers Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Anyway, Snyder ought to know a lot about losing. His team certainly has done enough of it. According to Deadspin — which has made multiple posts slamming Snyder — he has certain rituals:

Watching games from his private box, Snyder would cuss and second-guess plays, unblinkingly huffing past people. “You want to stay out of his way,” says Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, a frequent guest. After losses, Snyder would stay until 4 a.m., pounding drinks, downing burgers and pizza and blaming himself for being, in the words of a friend, “his own worst enemy.”

Ha, ha. Snyder his own worst enemy? Join the club. Talk about the franchise name. Snyder certainly has done more damage to the team than simply keeping the name.



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Combat, Cheaters-style

Thank goodness another season of Cheaters is here for us to, uh, evaluate. We wouldn’t have something as terrific as Tommy Grand or Joey Greco coming back, but it’s still highly entertaining.

Tonight, our DVRed show had an old guy getting dumped on by his much younger girlfriend, “Pinky.” She stated without shame she was using him while her boyfriend was in prison, she didn’t love him and she didn’t want him.

If your chick is 30 years younger than you, you look like hell, you have to take a pill to get it up and you don’t have big $$$, forget it. It’s not love. You are being used. It depends on whether you like it or not.

The second episode, the woman spying on her boyfriend finds him with a skripper in a gentleman’s club. He tells the woman it’s over, and it’s been over for years. The skripper claims no knowledge of her, but the boyfriend said he told her all along.

Good stuff, and we’re glad Cheaters is back for Season 15. BSP proudly states we’ve been there damn near from the beginning.

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Victor Cruz: It’s not just a Game

Did you see Victor Cruz get hurt on a 4th and 3 play in the 3rd quarter of tonight’s Sunday Night Game of the Week?

Obviously Cruz suffered a significant injury on that play … a torn patella tendon according to Michelle Tafoya. And our friends the sports media focused on Cruz weeping as he was carted off the field; his season likely over.


I love the NFL because it’s a game, but it’s not a game. It’s very serious business to the coaches and men who play it. When I hear fans say “it’s just a game”, or “they get paid all that money”, I think about guys like Victor Cruz, playing hard for his team on a night where they aren’t going to win.

The NFL is a taskmaster. It’s a hard life. It’s a lot of work, work that would injure most of us very badly. It’s actually quite similar to the military where medically speaking, your employer doesn’t really care about your health as long as you can do your job. When I think about those so-called “fans” believing this is like the game kids played in junior high and high school, it’s absurd. Really sad because these men give a lot for something most of them … almost all of them … care very deeply about. It is NOT just a “kids game”, one that “we would pay for free.” That’s laughable. Victor Cruz is lying on a table somewhere in Lincoln Financial Field stadium, preparing for a career-impacting surgery, and fans think it’s a “game?” Ridiculous.

Like I said, I love the game, and the men who play it for the pleasure of millions of us.

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Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys

I thought going in, the Cowboys had a chance to win this game.
However, Fox is totally blowing Dallas, sucking them off like no tomorrow. Then they have Aikman up there finishing off the fluffing of Dallas. I could only stand it for a minute.
What do I mean? No one must watch tape of the Cowboys defense. I’d run the ball nonstop against them. What I see is the “heroball let the quarterback win it” from Seattle that just doesnt work.
If it weren’t for Sunday Ticket, I’d have to watch that mess. Thank you, Directv.

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Oakland’s gotta stop being Oakland

Tony Sparano came into halftime tied with San Diego, 14-all. He told CBS’ sideline reporter “Oakland’s gotta stop being Oakland.”
I know some Raiders fans didn’t like that.  It would never be said if Big Al were still around. But Oakland being a bad joke is common around the league. Mistakes, penalties and drops continue to plague the team. They could be winning this game if they weren’t busy being Oakland. If the ball is in your hands it should be a catch.
In the last 20 years, Oakland has been to the playoffs three times. That’s not an accident. That’s a trend where you’ve actively been at work being horrible.

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I am open all the time

I am in South Florida today, watching the Buccaneers and the Ravens. Actually I’m watching the Ravens totally destroy the Bucs. It’s now 34-0 with just over a minute gone in the second quarter, extra point pending.

This is like Thursday Night Football.

Mike Evans said the words I used for the title. Yeah, you’re open all the time, while your quarterback is running for his life or, even better, flat on his back. He’s a wide receiver, meaning he knows as much about football as basketball. As for the rest of the Bucs, this is what happens when your team is unprepared to play. That’s on Lovie Smith. I know their offensive coordinator is out but you have to be ready to play. It’s not like their defense is getting stops. Short field, long field … the Bucs are getting whipped.

Good thing I have Sunday Ticket. I can watch some competitive early games. Someone else turned to Packers at Dolphins. Lol.

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Golden Tate Calls out Jim Schwartz

This I find amusing, even more so because he’s right: Golden Tate, the wide receiver we called out on this blog for being a total bag, refers to Jim Schwartz’s being carried off the field after last Sunday’s Buffalo win as “a total douche move.”

Oh the hilarity.

Have you seen this blog before where Tate waved to a Rams player when he scored a touchdown? Totally classless, yet he has room to get angry about this? How about beating the Bills? That appears to be a task done with regularity.

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