I’m on an Alaskan cruise and having a great time. One of the cool features of said cruise was my wife breaking out her “2014 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs” shirt.

No one said anything to her, except one other dude from SA who said “go Spurs go.”

I thought it was hilarious a couple of guys were talking pro basketball and immediately stopped when my wife moved into their area.

No one wants any part of a San Antonio Spurs fan at the moment, especially if you were bandwagoning for a certain player. Those faux fans have evaporated.

It’s “LeBandwagoning”, folks. Since LeBron didn’t win … a ridiculous statement since one player allegedly doesn’t win games in team sports … the NBA doesn’t exist. Of course we’ve long hated the NBA because of various factors explained ad nauseum in this blog. We are getting proof of this in a different way. Our home port is Seattle. NO one wants any of that. Those shirts were everywhere. The hilarious thing is, cruisers throughout the United States were pulling for Peyton Manning and wearing Bronkeys gear. They must have decided to port out of here for further humiliation. Niners fan also made an appearance. During a show, she yells “go niners.” Are you kidding me? Did she go into stasis after the Carolina game and just wake up that day?

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Haters Gonna Hate

Are you watching the Browns and the Lions on NFL Network tonight? Don’t you want to see Manziel play? Whether Manziel completes every pass or stinks like hot garbage, the haters will be out in full force.

Haters gonna hate.

It’s a preseason game, for goodness’ sakes. In my opinion, anything Manziel does besides getting hurt is a positive. Of course, it’s hard not to hear the positives, since Cleveland Homervision is doing NFL Network’s broadcast tonight. What a crew of suckups.

Looks like we’ll see Johnny F. Football shortly.

Oh, that 3rd down run, Manziel’s stopped cold. Evidently, these defenders didn’t play for Mississippi.

Like I said, haters gonna hate.


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Publicity. It Ain’t Always Good

Did you see where Jerry & Stephen Jones got some more publicity by taking photos with some skanks?

How’s that working out?

I know, there’s talk of extortion plots, the skrippers Jones bought are saying they are victims too — apparently being caught in pictures with the Cowboys owner and being pushed all over the Internet are not good for skrippers careers — and how this is harmless. Then it turns out the NFL’s head of officiating was with Jones when this whole thing was going down outside a nightclub on the Sunset Strip. Along with the biased Jay Glazer, no wonder he has nothing bad to say about your consistently mediocre team.

Other NFL teams are upset now that this became public. Apparently other teams did not know the way to get calls going your way is to have the head of officials get liquored up and presented with women who would do anything for money.

Having officials on your side is the easiest way from consistent mediocrity to 9-7. Hey wait a minute! No change.

No Cowboys players were involved.

Someone please tell Jerry not all publicity is good. It’s damned embarrassing. If people besides Cowboys apologists already think you’re a joke, and you’re trying to get publicity by being stupid, where does that get you? People should start to think they are really out of control, but they won’t. Local Cowboys apologists denied anything untoward happened.that’s why Jones will always have them in his back pocket. Along with their dollars.

I’m sure Commissioner Goodell is really pleased with this. He’ll end up doing … nothing. After all, it is Jerry Jones, and the Commissioner is Jones lapdog. He does whatever Jones wants. Jones wasn’t getting hopped-up and driving either, like another NFL owner. Oh well. The head of officiating is going to have to take the brunt of punishment for this.

Too funny. People on TMZ are making jokes out of The Joneses:

I just saw a couple of gross pix of the old man and a couple of girls/wannabes/famehores. It was probably on the same bus. Gross. And I have a better chance of walking on the moon than the Cowboys do of winning the Super Bowl as long as he’s in charge.

Ha, ha. The only good result was it deflects attention away from his team’s defense.

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The Cowboys Reality

One of my colleagues, who happens to be a Denver Broncos fan, laughed when I mentioned the Dallas Cowboys; specifically their defense. I laughed before detailing the fact the Cowboys were the last ranked defense in the NFL in 2013 and probably the worst defense in the history of that franchise. We both laughed again.

Then my colleague stated even though the 2013 Cowboys defense was statistically terrible, they still went 8-8. I had to agree that’s a huge accomplishment. The Cowboys, while not being able to get stops, still finished at the .500 mark.  He also noted how badly the Cowboys fans treated Tony Romo; said he was terrible at “winnin’ time”, and how the team nearly won a game in which they gave up 51 points. My colleague stated Cowboys fan were the dumbest in the league because they dumped on a guy who kept them in games where they had no right to be competitive. I said I enjoyed the fact the locals here listen to their morning AM sports talk radio and say how Romo is “flat in the front”, chokes in the clutch; stuff like that. Meanwhile the defense gives up critical big play after critical big play. It speaks to the lowest common denominator sports talk radio here is, and how easy it is to influence the barely literate fan here.

Oh, by the way, on the Oakland Raiders moving here: One big reason Jerry Jones does not want it is because he’d have to finally have to start to compete to keep his fans. A second factor is he’d have to hire a professional general manager. Neither one of those is things he wants to do. He wants to run his clown show forever. I got a kick out of Mike Taylor trying to convince San Antonio Cowboys fan how TERRIBLE it would be for the Raiders to move here; tax dollars being spent on a stadium, etc. Too funny. Like other businesses moving here aren’t getting huge tax breaks and benefits at the expense of the taxpayer. It’s okay. It happens all the time. In the case of a pro football team, it’s a business bringing in 50 millionaires to live in your local community at least six months a year. If you build a state of the art stadium, that means a Super Bowl, you’re back on the Final Four circuit, people coming into town at least 10 times a year and hotel space becomes premium.

Anyway, even though we hate each others favorite teams, Dallas is a close second on both of our  Haterade scales of dislike. I said we could relax because Cowboys fan would still blame Romo for losses even if the defense gave up 35 points a game. Their defense gets steamrolled up and down the field but the losing is Romo’s doing. Too funny, they regret not having Johnny Manziel, even though the offensive lineman they picked makes up 3/5 of a dominating OL. Manziel would have been good for a couple dozen turnovers this season. Maybe Jerry Jones can pick Manziel up after the Browns cut him in  three seasons.


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Pro Football Hall-of-Fame

The game is about to start the televised broadcast portion.

Who wants to bet the main topic of tonight’s game is going to be Peyton Manning and the Broncos return to the Super Bowl? Oh, you mean that hasn’t happened yet? Doesn’t matter. That’s what they are going to talk about ad-nauseum.

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Mark Cuban & an NBA World Cup

In BSP’s opinion, there aren’t many organizations more crooked than the NBA. Then Mark Cuban sobers us up by mentioning the International Olympic Committee.
Cuban rails against the IOC and their thoroughly on the take leadership, then
suggests the NBA and the players association start a “World Cup”, much like soccer.
Cuban is trying to raise himself out of our superbag category with ideas like this.
Unfortunately, the good in sport is often outweighed by the bad. The NBA would drag out its cheating, oral-pleasuring-for-ratings, biased  officials and let certain players violate the rules of … you know … basketball, while on the global stage. Don’t know how Vlad Putin would react to an obvious charge not being called in favor of Team Russia. “You foul us and there’s no call? I’m taking Moldova back.” Here comes the Red Army …

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Walter Jones

Tonight, Walter Jones is entering the NFL Hall of Fame.

What a great story! This guy comes from a family that had nothing, and now he’s a Hall-of-Famer.

And BSP sure remembers Walter Jones. Despite being an opponent of my favorite team, Jones is one of those guys who makes you appreciate the players who play in the NFL, regardless of uniform.

Before Super Bowl XL, Joey Porter got into some ridiculous pissing match with Seattle tight end Jerramy Stevens. Unfortunately for Porter, he had to deal with Walt Jones on the field. While he talked a lot, Porter was pretty much walled off that day.

As were most of his opponents. What a devastating force; he was powerful yet amazingly nimble for a big man. He could play it any way you wanted to play, and win.

Wow, was Super Bowl XL a dubious result or what? I didn’t want Seattle to win but they should have.

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