Have to wonder about Jameis Winston’s Smarts

I was wondering, what the hell did Winston say that got him suspended? Well, Deadspin explains it right here.
I had never heard the term used that way, but … this is just a guess … it’s totally unacceptable for public use.

in other news, I just saw Jameis Winston standing on random shit screaming “fuck her right in the pussy”

— ya gurl homes (@ayeejohnnyyy) September 16, 2014

I have to wonder about Winston’s smarts.

After last season, people were thinking Winston could be the first overall pick in 2015. Now that guy has to be plummeting down draft boards. First the sexual assault charges and that going away. Then shoplifting crab legs. Now shouting some stupid obscene phrase in public? This guy has some real issues.

How could you make this guy the face of your franchise? It can’t be done. Do you even want him on your team? Was Winston aware there’s been some consequences this past week from well-known NFL players behaving badly?

Winston appears to be devoid of common sense. Either that or he really needs evaluation from mental health professionals. He might need that anyway. He’s wrecked that team’s chances of winning back-to-back titles.

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56-0: What does it mean to you?

Last night’s Buccaneers – Falcons game was 56-0 at the end of the third quarter.

Many of you were thinking, I don’t want to watch this horrible game.

BSP, being a Raiders fan was thinking “WTF, this could have been US last week if Houston was a  better team” or “this could be us this weekend at New England IF the Patriots went to full humiliation mode.”

Like the Titans game where Tennessee found themselves down, 59-0 in the 3rd quarter.

No one’s going to ease up on you in the NFL, even if they have an easy game ahead.

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Do You Believe Him?

I heard commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments today:

He’s sorry.

The same mistakes can never be repeated

And unfortunately, he’s not quitting.

Sad. It’s even more sad that ESPN, in an rare turn towards journalism did an “Outside the Lines” report almost completely discrediting an NFL franchise — the Baltimore Ravens and owner, Steve Bisciotti.  According to the OTL report:

- Four sources said Ravens executives, including Bisciotti, Cass and Newsome, urged Goodell and other league executives to give Rice no more than a two-game suspension..

- Rice’s lawyer told a Ravens representative the “video was ‘f—ing horrible’ and that it was clear ‘Ray knocked her the f— out.'”

- when asked by the (Baltimore) Sun whether the (inside elevator) video matched what Rice had told them months earlier, Newsome conceded that it had.

Rice admitted to Goodell he had punched his wife; something Goodell claims Rice didn’t say. But we all know Goodell brings the hammer when he believes someone lies to him. 2 games wasn’t a hammer.

Like we just said, Goodell doesn’t like it when someone lies to him. Evidently, Goodell doesn’t mind telling a whopper when it comes to saving his own skin.

Goodell and Biscotti are just trying to save their own asses. Today’s press conference didn’t help either one of them.

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For Raiders Fans

I’m wondering when Dennis Allen gets fired. Probably Jason Tarver too. Are they going to wait for the bye week or pull the trigger now? Can’t see things getting better before the New England game.

I’m starting to wonder if Allen was a Broncos plant? The guy did nothing to improve the team. At all. He might be the Raiders worst coach ever, which is saying a lot. Allen had Carson Palmer who has done decently with Arizona, going 11-6 over parts of two seasons. Since Palmer left, the Raiders are 4-14, with eight consecutive losses.

Hubert Jackson is LOL somewhere right now.

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What about Janay? What about the victim?

I’m almost done with this subject.

Think about the most humiliating moment of your life.

Now imagine it being played out on television screens all around you for … forever.

That’s what Janay Rice is going through right now. While we see the punch making contact with her, that’s her life. Now we see her on the floor of a casino elevator, being dragged out of it by her husband and father of her child. Then we (mercifully) see her exposed booty blurred out, finally. I guess the news media thought it was okay to show the video without the blurring.  BSP says if you see it on TMZ, it must be true. But TMZ shows humiliating incidents like this to make money. And it IS humiliating to Janay.

Is that what it’s all about? We are over-the-top on punishing Ray Rice. We are hammering the NFL’s commissioner because he didn’t punish Ray Rice hard enough.  But we are punishing Janay as well. Did Rice’s suspension help her? How does it help her in any way? How does repeatedly showing that video help Janay?

A thought: Roger Goodell saw that video, knew what happened but didn’t punish Ray Rice as much as he wanted to do so. Why? Because Janay Rice didn’t want her husband punished as badly as he deserved.

If you read the preceding post, you know we don’t like the NFL commissioner very much. But if he didn’t hammer Ray Rice because of Janay Rice, I’d have a new level of respect for the man. Come on. Do you think suspending Ray Rice without pay helps Janay Rice? Does it help their kids? Do our conclusions about her help? She’s staying with her because of the money. She’s a gold digger. Doesn’t want to work.

This is the conundrum involved in domestic violence situations. There are many people out there who want to know why she would stay? Why would she stay? Probably because she adores him. I don’t get it, but Janay has to really love Ray Rice. It goes beyond the money, which indeed has to be a nice feature of life. You have to really love someone, beyond what we might find reasonable, to stay.

I never understood why my mother stayed with my dad after he beat her repeatedly. But one night, he went outside and started firing his pistol. We left and found the police. We packed up all our stuff and left town. My dad was outside crying when we drove off. I couldn’t figure it out. My parents … the very same people who told us if something hurt, you shouldn’t do it anymore … were involved in hurting my mother. Still, she stayed until it was put in crystal clear terms we couldn’t stay if we valued our lives.

And that’s the reality behind domestic violence. You stay because you want your relationship; your marriage to work. You stay because that relationship means something. You stay because you actually love the person and don’t want to give up on them. Sometimes people stay too long. Far too long.  Abuse takes many forms, and it isn’t always physical.

Don’t do something if it hurts, right? When I joined the military, I went to shaving class because I had a bad case of razor bumps (PFB). The instructor showed us a shelf with all kinds of shaving creams, shaving gel, aftershaves and the like. He asked how many of us used aftershave? Virtually all of us raised our hands. He then asked, does it hurt? Well, yes, aftershave contains alcohol. “Why would you put something that hurts on your face?”

No one had a good answer for that question. We all do something that hurts us at some point. I hope Janay Palmer gets help for that and her life ends up going well. She doesn’t deserve this kind of attention.



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Roger Goodell’s Punishment

Just watched the pregame for tonight’s game between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Surprisingly enough, Bill Cowher, former Steelers head coach is picking Pittsburgh. Surprisingly enough, Deion Sanders, former Ravens player is picking Baltimore. Deion is right, Baltimore has to be desperate. They win tonight or they are in deep trouble.

If you do a search of bittersportspills, you know we are not in favor of Commissioner Goodell. I’ve always thought he could go away and the league would be better, mostly due to his uneven punishments and game enhancements. The Ray Rice criminal activity has exploded in his face and now has other people questioning his dismal leadership. Two games for punching his girl and … spitting on her … twice!? He claims he didn’t see that second video of Rice throwing the punch. Are you kidding me? You are the NFL. You can do what you want. Just my opinion but he wanted this to go away quickly.

Ray Rice was due a suspension. Not a full year, but a half-season. Here’s how I see it: You punch a woman like that, spit on her twice AND treat her like a sack of garbage afterwards? You get half a season. That is a just punishment, because if you KILL someone with your automobile like Josh Brent, you give them 10 games.  There are people crying its too much for Brent, a guy who drove drunk while his sober passenger got killed. Eight games is right for Rice. The league knee-jerked to a punishment because the second video escaped. And if eight is right for him, Josh Gordon should have to receive an intervention, rehab on reality TV. A football intervention of sorts. He has to miss 3 months while he detoxes. By the way, now these marijuana studies are now starting to appear, and they aren’t so positive as proponents wanted to believe.

What does the commissioner get? He’ll get nothing because he makes the owners a ton of money. The Mueller investigation will show nothing, no matter what the evidence shows. Despite his bullshit of “ignorance is no excuse”, his ignorance of the second tape evidently is a suitable excuse. He suspended Jim Irsay. He hammers players for the most part.

What’s he gonna do with his buddy Jerry Jones, who is being sued for sexual harassment? Could you see Goodell suspending Jones for six games; then life? Me neither. If the NFL wasn’t so ready to blast players right away, on their own schedule, then maybe the league ought to let the legal stuff play out when it comes to punishments.

Wow, did you just see Roethlisberger take a heavy hit on that sack? Goodell will probably ban contact on the quarterback.

Goodell must go; he’s no good for the game. He can make the owners a pile of money … for now … but he sucks for the game. Take the hundred million dollars you’ve made off the league and go be the soccer commissioner.

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Take Away the Interceptions…

I’m in San Antonio so I’m exposed to Cowboys apologists fairly often. This guy, his name is Chuck Miketinac on a local station says, “take away the interceptions for just one second…”
Then they cut to Dez Bryant and he pretty much says that Romo being at fault is a ridiculous question; then they speak with Sideshow Jerry and he spills his two cents, as in its not Romo’s fault.

Like throwing into double coverage regularly isn’t Romo’s fault.

I thought about an NFL team coming here and I almost don’t want it to happen. Mostly because the sports media here is so in the tank for the Cowboys it’s laughable they could even be called sports media. They should have the team P.R. Just put out releases based on their viewpoint of things. What passes for sports media here is so Cowboys oriented, they couldn’t cover anything else.

I laughed when the guy who passes for sports talk radio here, Mike Taylor went to Green Bay with his wife. Okay, get this. You’re in a city with more football heritage than just about any other. Aaron Rodgers, a top five QB is the starting quarterback there. You do sports talk radio, but you have to broadcast back to San Antonio because you are a one-trick pony. That guy can’t hold a job anyplace where the Cowboys are not the dominant team. Here in San Antonio, the casual sports fan is so clueless they think its great.

I tell you, the Cowboys take full advantage of the situation here. Sideshow Jerry won’t improve that team … and by improve, I mean hire a full time football guy to run football ops … until the fan revolts. The only way that guy responds to his rotisserie league lunacy is when it impacts his wallet. Cowboys fan needs to show their disgust with their wallet but they won’t. Meanwhile people like me continue to laugh about their team around the water cooler.

Yeah, my team isn’t any good. In fact, it’s bad. But you can tell Cowboys fan they are going to get to the final game of the regular season and choke it up. They will agree with you.

It’s like a weird form of mental abuse.

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