Trump Buying the Buffalo Bills?

Did you see where Donald Trump is talking about purchasing the Buffalo Bills, and keeping them in Buffalo?

At first blush, this is a great idea for a Bills fan. A billionaire comes in and promises to keep the team in Western New York. It would likely have a new stadium attached to any deal. He certainly has the ability to convince players to play for them. Trump is also capable of keeping the heat off the team by coming up with outrageous statements.

Then again, there’s some  reasons why the guy should never get a football team.

Have you noticed the guy is a little more than irritating? Trump is a “birther“, he’s on a reality show and treats people like garbage:

Then he’s talking about running for President. Of the United States. The last thing most NFL owners want is off-the-field publicity from stupid stuff.

The guy also has casino interests which might really impede him becoming the owner. The NFL definitely has a problem with owners having interest in firms controlling a sports book.

No one else really knows if Trump is truly interested in the Bills, or just seeking some publicity for himself. If he did attempt to buy that team, it certainly would make things interesting up there, that’s for sure.

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Fox Sports Radio’s Pure Phoniness

I was on the road this afternoon and listening to Fox Sports Radio’s Saturday lineup.


It’s total nonsense; pure garbage. First, this guy comes on, I think it was in “Bobby Bones” spot. He’s talking about how Peyton Manning and his offensive coordinator, Adam Gase, were found to have been visiting Nick Saban. We know that’s not permissible under the collective bargaining agreement. The guy in this time period is aguing we (the fan) should admire Peyton’s commitment to getting better, and it’s no big deal, most teams probably do it anyway. He said the Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers would have no problem with it. He brought up Bill Belichick, saying how he’s probably been in contact with Tom Brady.

The problem with that is, Bill Belichick did do something against the rules. It was called “Spygate” and even though that happened nearly a decade ago, New England is still getting bad press on that. Even though other teams did it; even though a rat like Eric Mangini revealed it.

The Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs having no problem with it? Are you kidding me? That’s such a stupid statement, it makes the broadcaster look like he’s totally uninformed. Anything negative about the Broncos, the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs are going to contest. The AFC West has long term, bitter rivalries

But no, it’s St. Peyton. Let him do whatever because he’s a great quarterback. Like I said before, this guy Bobby Bones is either stupid or uninformed. The first call I heard on the subject was from a UTenn fan, and he was irate about it. Manning helping The Tide? That’s the last possible thing a Vols fan wants to hear.

Then I heard another Fox Sports broadcasters, I think they were Dave and Jeff. One of them discussed the issue of Bryce Harper not running out a comebacker to the pitcher. Matt Williams pulled Harper from the game for “lack of hustle” in a game the Nationals lost.

Look, I know these guys have to come up with phony disputes for the audience. I know broadcasters are supposed to have this “point-counterpoint” animosity where they never agree and the argument then becomes fodder for highly opinionated fans, but don’t insult my intelligence. These guys were saying how fans pay their money to see guys like Bryce Harper, and how expensive game tickets are and a family can’t afford to see a baseball game. The two FSR guys somewhat agreed, mostly that Harper shouldn’t be pulled for loafing.

I’m sure fans came out to see Bryce Harper half-ass it down the first base line, right? I’m sure that’s what they paid their hard-earned money to see. Are you kidding me? What am I going to tell my kids, running part-way down the first base line should get a player pulled. Harper even agrees:

Harper, at 21 still the youngest player in the majors, said he “absolutely” understood Williams’s decision and “I respect what he did. It’s part of the game.”

Sounds like a pair of broadcasters need to shut their yaps. Fox Sports Radio is much like Fox News, an organization devoted to “report” nonsense by repeating it over and over again until people believe it.


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Minnesota – Golden State

“He is guarding no one this quarter”

NBA TV broadcasters describing Kevin Love.

I know, I know. The Lakers fans think they are just a signing of Kevin Love, playing him with Kobe to get back into the NBA elite. I’m watching this guy and while putting up some serious offensive numbers (26 points in the 1st half), he’s defensively deficient. This game is now 89-86, Golden State in the 3rd quarter, while Minnesota had a 19-point lead in the second quarter. In the second quarter, Love had a sequence where he got abused on the defensive end, after a score, he didn’t go all the way out of bounds and turned the ball over, then he dribbled the ball off his own leg and out of bounds for another turnover. Not impressive at all.

I suspect being on a playoff contender could help him become a more complete player. Hey, this Ricky Rubio guy is interesting. He can’t shoot, so they pack it in on Love or whoever else Minnesota uses in the post.

Neither one of these teams is defensively accomplished, but they aren’t even working on stops. In BSP’s humble opinion, that’s going to lead to a quick exit for the Warriors.

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Seeing The Lakers

For those of you who remember the very beginnings of this blog, you remember one of the four people it addresses is a fan of The Lakers. Here in San Antonio, The Lakers are quite popular. If you go to the AT$T Center, you’ll see tons of The Lakers fans here. Normally.
By the way, they are The Lakers on this blog because of Fox Sports Radio’s near-continuous discussion of them … despite the fact The Lakers The suck! I didn’t think sports talk radio talked about teams that suck? Unless they live near the broadcasters of course.

Anyway, I’m going out there Wednesday night to see the Spurs play them. Not really, I’m going to see how many The Lakers fans show up. When you have for-real band wagoners, they won’t show up to see an awful team get pummeled by probably one of the top three teams in the league.
I know there are fans of The Lakers everywhere. They are the most popular or second most popular NBA team in all 50 states. But I suspect most of them are band wagoners, only interested when they are winning.
It’s going to be cool observing the few real The Lakers fans out there, watching with sad faces while The Lakers get pounded by Spurs backups. It’s quite enjoyable seeing bandwagoners not showing up to sporting events.

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The Granary

Today, I had lunch with one of my colleagues who is departing out workplace. We went to a place downtown at the Pearl Brewery location, called The Granary. The Granary is one of those upscale places but it is different. It serves barbecue and beer. Apparently, The Granary is a pretty good place to eat. Steven Raichlen said it was in his Top 10 for the United States in 2013. I’ve actually eaten food from all three of the Texas restaurants on this list. Jason Dady of Two Bros, let me say this: The guy is a fabulous cook, he had a restaurant called “The Lodge at Castle Hills” which is now closed. The Lodge was the best restaurant in San Antonio in my opinion. His Tre Trattoria Italian restaurant in Alamo Heights is superb. Two Bros is ok, I guess. My wife has a warped palate and didn’t like it, but it was not my best BBQ experience here.

Oh, what do I think of The Granary? The Granary is superb.

You know what the best thing to eat at The Granary? The turkey. That’s right, the smoked turkey was awesome. Usually, wherever you go, the smoked turkey is NOT awesome. Not even Aaron Franklin’s turkey is awesome. Smoked turkey is usually pretty dry, but this one was juicy and tasty. The barbecue sauce is very good. I had coleslaw, which was decent and the potato salad. TRY THE POTATO SALAD, I absolutely loved it.

Surprisingly, the one thing I do not get down with is their brisket. It’s not bad, but it’s not Franklin Barbecue awesome, either.

The first time we went there, I had a brown ale. It was outstanding.

In other words, everything there was pretty good except the brisket which I felt was average. I still ate it.

If you’re ever in San Antonio and are looking for a trendy upscale place that serves excellent food, try The Granary.



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Amy’s Baking Company

I’m watching Amy and Samy of Amy’s Baking Company on Dr. Phil. As you know, Amy and Samy appeared on Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares.”

The interesting thing is, Amy’s Baking Company is actually quite good food. Ramsey said the kitchen was the cleanest one he’s been in. The thing is, the reaction when someone has a complaint. They attack the individual making the complaint.

I understand the small business owner’s attitude. I used to work in a pizza restaurant, where certain customers … like a slimeball who used to work there … knew the rules. Like you could eat half a pizza, return it and get a whole pizza. That was a large chain which didn’t give a damn about that stuff. A small business owner is taking it in the shorts on a deal like that. Samy got pissed when a customer ate three slices of pizza before complaining about it. I get that. Samy’s right when the customer does stuff like that.

And contrary to popular opinion, the customer is not always right. Sometimes the customer is a dumb ass. But as a public service, you have to be nice to the customer, even if you don’t want to be. A store owner could say something like “if you didn’t like your meal this time, come in and see us again, let us know who you are and we’ll make sure your experience is a good one.” I’ve had a popular chain of steak restaurants tell me that exact thing.

Amy and Samy need to relax. They can’t run junk on customers in the restaurant. They can’t respond to personal attacks. This is the United States, people can be belligerent all they want.


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By the way, steak

Yeah, after the barbecue post, I went to Whole Foods and picked up three prime, grass-fed ribeyes. At $16.99 per pound, no antibiotics, no hormones, actually this steak is better for you than most foods.

The seasoning is kosher salt and pepper. I cooked them medium rare, which you really can’t see too well from the picture below, but trust me, they are medium rare.

Steven Raichlen has inspired many people who cook with fire, myself included. It wasn’t bone-in but still quite excellent.

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