The 2015 NCAA Tournament … it’s the Tournament, as Usual

Have we gotten to the point where upsets in the NCAA Tournament aren’t really upsets anymore? The seeding is basically built to set up matchups appealing to local and TV viewers, not that the teams are any better.

We’ve seen Villanova lose to N.C. State

When it comes to sports, BSP rarely uses the word “choke” because “choking” assumes players aren’t playing to their ability. BSP contends players have ups and downs to their abilities. A player may be tired, may be thinking about something else, may lack focus or concentration. People want to treat them like robots, but BSP realizes a player isn’t a machine.

Except at tournament time, where choking is full fledged. We see guys missing free throws (and by the way, since when is a foul an instrument to getting back into a game — and what is the benefit of this “1 and 1″ nonsense). We see guys unable to play. We see officials … oh, those college basketball officials … getting caught up in the games, especially when the underdog is challenging the better team.

Here’s some “upsets” for you today:

(2) Virginia to fall to (7) Michigan State

(2) Kansas to lose to (7) Wichita State

(5) West Virginia to take down (4) Maryland

Let’s face it, some of these seeds shouldn’t be where they are.

I think it’s interesting the tournament has all these games, and while Cinderella is fun considering, it’s not realistic. The better teams almost always win the tournament, and almost always make the Sweet 16. Kentucky is going to win the title, because they have nine guys who can play at the NBA level.

Here are our picks for the Final Four:

Midwest: Kentucky

West: Arizona

South: Duke

East: Michigan State

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Greg Hardy is a Cowboys player

You’ve seen where the Dallas Cowboys have signed Greg Hardy.

It’s an interesting signing because there were several teams that weren’t interested in signing him. Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis said so out loud when the Raiders were cited as a team interested in Hardy:

“False, falser and falsest,” Davis told this newspaper. “That is not true.”

Jerry Jones released a statement on Hardy’s signing:

“Our organization understands the very serious nature of domestic violence in our society and in our league.  We know that Greg has a firm understanding of those issues as well.”

Dude’s clown car never stops. The Cowboys aren’t serious about anything other than acquiring players, and now that Stephen Jones is running the show, cramming the players under the cap at terms advantageous to the team.

This afternoon, NFL Radio talked about how the media seems to be in an uproar over the signing while the fans are okay with it. Ridiculous.

Of course the fans are okay with it! Cowboysfan is blind to anything other than wins. Jerry Jones isn’t going to have his fans desert the team over bad player behavior. If they would, they already have. Hardy isn’t the first convict (and yes, he was convicted) to play for the Cowboys. Heck, he isn’t the only felon on their defense right now. It isn’t a problem for that franchise. If O.J. had anything left, the Cowboys would have been trying to get him on work release.

The media here is pretending it doesn’t exist.

I’m not too sure how Cowboysfan would feel about a regular person – a non-football player – who did what Hardy did. I suspect if they live down here, they’d want that dude to get serious time. But no, he’s a Cowboys player. We must love him:

“He looked me in my eyes and he told me he was going to kill me,” said the accuser, a 24-year-old cocktail waitress in downtown Charlotte. “I was so scared I wanted to die. When he loosened his grip slightly, I said just, ‘Do it. Kill me.'”

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Chip Kelly: The crazier you are, the better you appear to be

One of my former colleagues suggests that’s Chip Kelly’s modus operandi. There may be some truth to that. There’s hardly anyone out there who believes Glass Bradford is a better quarterback at this point than Nick Foles, but Kelly seems to believe so. He also believes his system is going to make any quarterback better than he was in a prior system. In Mark Sanchez’s case, that may be true.  

One thing BSP understands about a system in the NFL: Eventually the league catches up with it. They figure out the system and that team, having players that aren’t as good, eventually fails. It’s like the run-and-shoot offense, the fun-and-gun offense and all the other offenses that are so prolific.

Chip Kelly ditched Shady McCoy because of salary cap considerations; now he’s brought in DeMarco Murray:

Citing a league source, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Murray is flying to Philadelphia “with the expectation of becoming an Eagle” and a financial agreement is in place for five years and $42 million, with $21 million guaranteed.

Are you kidding me? Kelly is going to be one of those coaches who leaves Kuwait burning, and no one knows why they listened to him in the first place. He’s trying to bring the college coach’s dictator mentality to the NFL.

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Dr. Phil interviews Nick Gordon

I’m watching my DVRed copy of Dr. Phil interviewing Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s alleged boyfriend, on the Dr. Phil Show.

I’m glad Empire is coming on in 9 minutes.

This guy Nick Gordon is a super-loser. You know, the Lee Harvey Bag type of loser. If he didn’t put Bobby Kristina in this state, he certainly knows who did.

I’m actually agitated this guy thinks he’s famous. He’s a total loser. He has no apparent redeeming characteristics. He’s a drunk. His mom threw him out of the house, but doesn’t tell why. She doesn’t mention at all why she threw him out; I have a feeling she likes being on television herself. She’s a loser. Strikes BSP as a publicity hog. They’re both publicity whores. “I can’t let the world see me crying.” If you cared about Bobbi Kristina, you wouldn’t care. It wouldn’t matter what the world thought. Pathetic. The guy lied about performing CPR on Whitney Houston. He can lie about anything.

Super-loser, and possibly a murderer. Disgusting.

By the way, if you like television like I like television, check out Tamara Tattles. A great website for those of you who like television and other stuff like BSP does.

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Trades, Anyone?

When I heard about the Jimmy Graham to Seattle deal, I was floored. Mostly because I didn’t believe there were trades in the NFL anymore. Then we got yet another Eagles trade, Glass Bradford to Philadelphia for Nick Foles. I was thinking Chip Kelly must have hated Foles. The Eagles were 6-2 when he got hurt? Are you kidding me? At least Foles had some mobility; Bradford’s just a target.

At least there’s some movement. In a league where trades are avoided because they can make you look bad, there are a few teams now willing to make moves. If you want to do it quickly without bankrupting your owner, trades are the way to go. At least you won’t have to give out signing bonuses.

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Three Day Window Results in Deals? NFL Only One Surprised

The NFL started a three day window prior to the free agent signing date to eliminate tampering. Now that agents started leaking information to the press, the NFL wants to put a halt to it.

What. A. Surprise.

Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? Who didn’t think teams would be tampering? Teams want to get a jump on signing players, and players want to get their money as quickly as possible. Add in the media who can’t get enough of the NFL and it makes for a fun situation for the no-fun-league.

The league warned the teams to put a halt to announcements until Tuesday. That’s how come you’ve only heard RUMINT on who’s getting signed, but other than the Frank Gore deal, the signings all appear legitimate. Yeah, Gore pulled out of his deal with the Eagles, and he’s probably headed to Indianapolis. I thought Gore and Philadelphia were a bad matchup anyway.

One more thing: If you’re Darrelle Revis, why would you even entertain coming back to the Jets? Other than JetsMedia up your ass, there’s no reason to do it … if you like that nonsense. $12M for a year is enormous change. I’d keep going back to the Patriots just to get a chance to win. A real chance, not what JetsMedia says you have.


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Ndamukong Suh to Miami

So, Ndamukong Suh is going to the Dolphins.  It’s a coup, a huge move for that franchise, picking up a player of that caliber.  They are going over the numbers now, but he’s going to sign with the Dolphins. The financial aspects of it include:

Over $60M in NFL guaranteed money (NFL guaranteed money differs from “real” money in that real money can be spent. NFL guaranteed money means you don’t get it unless the team still wants you). If you’re released, you don’t receive your guaranteed money.

The value of the contract exceeds $114M

Now, you know BSP is no big fan of the Dolphins, but we’re going objective here. You know big contracts with a team that seemingly signs impact free agents hasn’t correlated to wins. Here’s the big question I would like to know the answer to:

Does it help Miami leapfrog New England? You know, the Super Bowl champions, who continue to win the AFC East annually?

If the answer to that is yes, spending $114M on one player, a superstar, is a great deal. If the answer is, as I suspect, no, then it’s just another Dolphins move because the Dolphins have to make splashy moves. Like the Mike Wallace signing for $60M that’s not helped that team win anything. Ultimately, the goal is to win. If Suh can help them win, it’s a great move. But Suh was also on a talented Detroit team that compares favorably to Miami. They have Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson. They have a relatively coherent offensive line. They have Ziggy Ansah. Detroit made the playoffs in a very competitive division. Suh is only leaving because Detroit has no cap room.

Suh is a great player, but I don’t see him the difference maker that automatically pushes the team onto a playoff run. J.J. Watt, probably the best defensive player in the league at this time, couldn’t do it.


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