Emmanuel Sanders

Says the Patriots cheated and should not be Super Bowl champs.

Who are you again? An addition to a team that got wiped out in the Super Bowl, and then got wiped out with you two rounds earlier?

You’re a nobody. A diva. Shut the hell up. No one cares what you think except to make fun of you, like this blog just did.

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A View on Same Sex Marriage

this is my view. Others may have it, but I don’t know about them.

I do know some of my Christian friends are very unhappy about the nationwide legalization of SSM. They claim it’s the coming of The End Times. God is pissed at us.

BSP says to those friends, get over yourselves. While we’re not going to engage with phoniness of those who claim to have supported SSM all along, we are saying it’s over. It’s the law of the land now. Like gays in the military, it’s happening, and ultimately not going to be that big a deal.

Check this out: More than 10 million people died during the Holocaust, six million of them God’s chosen people. Over 50 million people died in WWII.  17 million people died in WWI. Nearly 3,000 people died in the events of September 11th, resulting in two wars that still rage on today. 

But no, God’s pissed over two dudes or two chicks who want the legal protection of marriage, and He’s going to wipe us out over this. His people being slaughtered in Europe in the mid 20th century was minor compared to gay people getting married. It’s the collapse of civilization.

God has every right to be pissed at us, but He has a LOT to be pissed about. We treat each other like shit. WTF, this kook in Charleston killed nine members of a church, and we’re fighting over a flag because of it? How about what made the kook do it?

 In the grand scheme of things, same sex marriage is a small offense against the Lord. Have you read Leviticus? There’s a lot of stuff in there we aren’t supposed to do. Lots of rules we conveniently ignore, because we like doing them. Like killing each other.

One thing I do have to mention: getting to know gay people made opposition to SSM much easier to overcome. The media, which claims to love gay people, did not. Every time you see SSM, it’s with the couple’s faces plastered against each other. I’m sorry, I don’t want to see anyone’s faces welded to each other’s. It’s revolting. It made opposition THAT much harder to overcome because it isn’t that more difficult to imagine what else the couple would be doing. I don’t think the media ever understood it, because they firmly believe sex sells … no matter what. It does not.

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Donald Trump is running for U.S. President

Have you heard, the originator of “The Apprentice”, the man who introduced this blog to Kenya Moore, is running for U.S. President? 


New York Daily News, 17 June 2015

Thank goodness, things were getting boring around here. We never get enough of politics being dragged down to the lowest common denominator. The funny part is, Trump is hated by people who identify themselves as Republicans, the party he claims to be supporting. Unfortunately for them, Trump attacks them nearly as often as he takes shots at President Obama and Hillary Clinton. As for Mrs. Clinton:

Lol, this guy thinks he has a shot. That’s when you know you have a ton of ass-kissers around, no one was willing to take one for the team and tell him he’s embarrassing himself. What’s amazing is, there are actually people out there who believe this guy. Last time I saw Donnie Trump, he was trying to figure out who won “the Apprentice.” He was also making a bag of himself. 

I personally believe Trump is running to get another reality show. This can’t possibly be real. A reality show while running for President promises a unique view. 

Frankly, I want to see him in the debates. Can you see Ted Cruz in a debate with this guy? 

Yeah, I’d love that moment too.

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Nice Win, Golden State

See you again in forty years.

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Giving LB James his due

We haven’t before, but we sure are now. LB James, that ONE guy is trying to carry Cleveland to a championship, in a way no one with the possible exception of Magic Johnson, ever has.

That spike at the end of Game 2 said everything about that game that could be said. LB James was not getting legitimate foul calls in the Game 2 overtime. I found it incredible the game’s best player was basically getting roughed-up and wasn’t going to the charity stripe. Clearly at the end of the regulation, he was fouled. I remarked to some friends:

If that was Mike Jordan, he’d be shooting two free throws with no time left on the clock

Yes, and sports media would be thrilled to death at him ending the game with a free throw. LB James, as disturbing as it was, didn’t get the benefit of the doubt. I guess the league’s decided it likes Golden State.

I’m not so sure if I like preferential officiating if I’m Golden State. That kind of woke up a sleeping giant. The Cavaliers won a The Finals game for the first time, without their second and third best players in the lineup. Any other team would be finished at this point; in fact Cleveland has pretty much outplayed the Warriors up to this point.

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Cleveland – Golden State

We’re going to follow this to the end. 96-96, 1:16 left, Cleveland ball. James to Mozgov, a big miss. Warriors, Curry scores, GS by 2. Mozgov fouled, shooting 2. Drains both of them, tied at 98. Time out, Warriors.

You had to think Cleveland would have a tough time on the road in Game 1.

31.9 left. GS inbounds. Curry drives, Irving BLOCKS Curry’s shot from behind! Cleveland ball, 24.1 left. The Cavaliers can take it down to the end if they so choose.

James takes a wild jumper, miss! Shumpert rebounds, falling away, miss! We’re going to OT! 

Just what you wanted, America.

The overtime isn’t worth following. Kylie Irving is injured and limping around, J.R. Smith is throwing up bricks along with the rest of the Cavaliers. James isn’t hitting jumpers, Cleveland has nothing left. They’ve missed their last 12 shots. The Cavaliers big concern has to be Irving. Watching James go to the locker room, he had to realize guys who talk big game, like J.R. Smith, have nothing. He seized up in this game, just when you really need a guy like that to show up. 

If I’m Golden State, you have to realize you won an overtime where the other team scored two points. You were not awesome. Steph Curry shooting free throws won them this game. For the most part, they seized up too.

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Jurassic a World

personally, I find the trailers amazing for their graphical representation of dinosaurs:

I also know it’s a political statement on Sea World for the animal cruelty bunch. It’s also another one of the very old, very tired movies based on the same script: crazed scientists muck around with genetics, bringing back a species despite its lack of brainpower managed to survive on the planet unopposed  for hundreds of millions of years. In the script, the miniature-brained species gains incredible aptitude and the ability to communicate beyond grunts, enabling them to become unstoppable predators. A slaughter of enabling Jurassic World spectators follows, along with key members of the Jurassic World scientists and staff. Of course they deserve it because they lack morality and see the creatures as profit centers. In the end, our heroes and heroine save the world from he rampaging prehistoric creatures.

Or do they? That question will hang in the air, leaving room for yet another repeat of the same sequence of events.

I should be a scriptwriter. Of course, none of the customers or scientists in Jurassic World have seen Jurassic Park, or even heard of that movie. I dare say most humans would be terrified to get near dinosaurs for that very reason: they would be dangerous as hell even if they weren’t smart. But hey, why let reality invade fantasy? We can make our political statement (SeaWorld is horrible and cruel for animals) and influence minds though nonsense.

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