Stuff People Buy That Don’t Work

Here comes trouble, my first real trouble on BSP. I’m going against urban legend, and people are naturally hostile against something ripping into their moneymaking schemes.

Someone I know sells this stuff called Zeal. Zeal is supposed to be a nutritional drink that does many things for the person who uses it, but I think it’s total bullshit. You know, if something’s a miracle and sold that way, it isn’t. Placebo effect, if that. I lived with a certified nutritionist and personal trainer for nine years. I think this Zeal stuff is not good because I’m somewhat educated, unlike most of the people pushing that shit. They’re snake oil salesmen/women and nothing more. It’s all about making money in a pyramid scheme. 

Of all the schemes I’ve thought of, this is damn near the worst because it turns people’s hope against them. They think there’s a miracle that gets their fat asses to lose weight without exercise. According to BSP (and just about every doctor that isn’t a scammer) that just doesn’t happen. According to reality, that doesn’t happen. Only morons and dumbasses think you lose weight by a) sitting on your fat ass drinking Zeal, chewing on buffalo wings, onion rings and chugging beer b) watching the Steve Wilkos Show and living a sedentary lifestyle. 

I’m sorry people. i’m not going to try that bullshit. Your phony cure everything just doesn’t work. You just want to believe your lifestyle doesn’t need to change because the product will fix you. When it doesn’t, they blame you, not their shitty product, then they go get you to sell it to people who should be your former friends. Making you a slimy scumbag just like the first person who sold you that shit.

It’s sad people take advantage of the desperate for financial gain. I’m sorry but I can’t defend the product, and I would if there was an ounce of unbiased evidence that it’s useful. That means something other than a Zeal huckster’s website.

Faith-based. Shameful.

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The Bachelor: Women Tell All

My IQ descends into the plant matter range as I watch this train wreck.

I wonder how many of these chicks he banged before giving them their walking papers?  Like with the soccer player?

Wait a minute, it gets interesting. Kaitlyn, I don’t know why he dumped her because she appears to be, well, kind of awesome. She’s not docile or weak. I like this part, because he’s going to be magnanimous and say nice things while she takes some cheap shots at him. To me, it’s evident he slept with Kaitlyn and probably more than once. She thought it meant more than it did to him.

I don’t think this guy Chris wants a strong woman. He wants someone kind of weak, who he’ll take care of for the rest of her life and she’ll live on the farm.

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Spurs trying to rise from dead

Sorry folks, this video does not describe this years Spurs:

I thought about writing a post on the Spurs during the earlier part of the Rodeo Road Trip. Each year, the Spurs go on a lengthy road trip in February, while the San Antonio Rodeo is underway. This actually coincides with the NBA All-Star game, so the team isn’t continuously on the road the whole time. Usually the Spurs play pretty well on the Rodeo Road Trip, and they had never finished below .500. This year has been much different. The team, after a 2-0 start, lost 4 straight games to the likes of Golden State, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland and Utah. The Clippers and Golden State were back-to-back games, but the Utah loss was alarming. The main culprit seemed to be Tony Parker and his non-accurate shooting, although Kawhi Leonard didn’t help much.

Last night, the Spurs defeated the Suns, 101-74 behind Leonard’s 22 points, 10 rebounds. This followed Parker leading the team to a win in Sacramento the night before. Now they are going on a six-game home stand. They have to get serious here and get ready for the playoffs.

It’s interesting about Tony Parker taking heat. In BSP’s opinion, he’s a Hall of Famer, despite lacking the popularity of players like Chris Paul and Derrick Rose. But Parker takes a lot of heat here in San Antonio, while more deserving players … like Manu Ginobili, whose play fell off the table in the last three seasons … avoid it for a number of reasons we aren’t willing to discuss here. One that we are going to mention is the fact a lot of guys here don’t like him because they know Tony could take their girl instantly. Don’t ask me why that would bother anyone but it does.

I don’t know about the Spurs this season, other than they will make the playoffs and win 50 games again. During the Rodeo Road Trip, they looked like the team that got erased by Memphis four seasons ago, but the Phoenix game they looked like the team that trampled Miami.

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Chris Kyle, American Sniper

Don’t care what a bunch of crazy liberals think: Chris Kyle is an American hero. Like any other hero, he has faults. Some big faults. He bragged a lot and told some whoppers. I suspect he did some things within his family relationship that weren’t too cool. But Chris Kyle killed a lot of bad guys. Chris Kyle killed a lot of murdering psychopaths. You know, the kind that volunteer to go to a hellhole to kill Americans. Don’t care if you don’t like it, because you can’t begin to understand it.
One of my co-workers, a nearly pure liberal who happens to be an officer in the Reserves, gets it: If you fight Americans, expect to get dead. The United States can bring the noise like no entity in the history of the world. She believes Chris Kyle is an American hero and that’s the way it is. Suck it, America haters.

As for Ed Snowden, a hero to many liberals as well as misguided conservatives: he’s decidedly NOT a hero. That guy can say what he wants but for him, Russia sucks. There’s no way they will ever trust him. Ever. Lol, I understand the Russians a little. They think a traitor is the lowest form of life, even if they love what the traitor is giving them. They know he could turn on them, but he won’t because his life would change greatly if he did. He knows he’s going to get a billion years in prison if he comes back to the States … and BSP can tell you, there’s a huge difference between jail and prison. Jail is where an athlete waits after getting a DWI. Prison is a human warehouse where Aaron Hernandez is going for the next 40 to 50 years. Snowden knows he’s going to prison if he sets foot in he United States, and for him, Russia is better, even if they hate him. On a scale of 0 to 100, life in Russia probably rates a 10. Going back to the U.S. Is probably a 2.

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Carnival vs Royal Carribbean

I recently booked a cruise on Carnival, and read a Cruise Critic post on how a cruiser enjoyed their cruise on a Carnival boat more than they had on a Royal Caribbean ship. Several people contested the original poster’s opinion. I of course have my own opinion.

Let’s get this out of the way: Some people are afraid to cruise, and I get it. They have various reasons not to go; the water, motion sickness, eating bad food and getting sick; mechanical malfunction, and crime. All those happen, but they are by far the exceptions. I have yet to have a negative overall experience while cruising, and God willing, that will continue.

I’ve been on six cruises and five of them were on Carnival (CCL). The other cruise was on Royal Caribbean (RCL). We cruised the Eastern Caribbean on RCI; the cruises on CCL included two West Caribbean cruises, two Alaska cruises and a 12-day cruise to the Medittereanean.

RCI, we sailed on Liberty of the Seas. The ship was beautiful. It was clean, in great shape and overall an enjoyable experience. RCI has great food and provides a more elegant experience. You get treated well, a real pampering. The one thing I didn’t enjoy was the fact there were simply too many people! There were over 4500 people on the ship and it proved to be just too many people. RCI would brag about how many people they could transport on a ship. When you’re a a port, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

CCL, we’ve traveled on ships from the Carnival Ecstasy, a ship needing an overhaul, to the Carnival Breeze, one of their newest ships at the time. I’ve had a great time aboard all of them. If you want fun, you’ll find it on Carnival. You get pampered less than on RCI, but it’s certainly good enough. The passengers are a little more rowdy on Carnival, for sure.

One key aspect of cruising on CCL is the rewards program. If you cruise so many days, you get certain perks. That’s what keeps us on Carnival; the fact we get those rewards for cruising so many days. When you’re closing in on Platinum level and you still work for a living, you’re doing well. You also have enough time to get to a level of rewards on another cruise line.

Ultimately, CCL and RCI are pretty closely matched. It really depends on what you’re looking to get. If you want fun at a great price, CCL is your choice. If you want a relaxing vacation without having to worry about anything, RCI offers you a great value, even at a slightly higher price.

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Carmelo to start All-Star Game?

Not bad for a guy who is only playing “for the fans.” Right, Carmelo? What about the Bricks fans paying thousands to see that horrible team play? Why not get your knee fixed early on so you can come back on time for next season? Instead you hung in there to play in a meaningless exhibition? Sounds good to me.

Bricks suck. James Dolan ought to collect his money wearing a ski mask. The Bricks should give their long suffering fans a discount.

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Former Vanderbilt players convicted of Rape

Who would want to have sexual relations with a woman totally passed out?

This is unbelievable. While we are amazed these young men threw their lives away, we shouldn’t be. According to a study, nearly one man in three in college would engage in sexual intercourse by force if they could get away with it.

I’m watching this guy Cory Batey on Dr. Phil. He looks fine, looks normal. He’s not, though. He said he was “drunk out of (his) mind.” Normally I wouldn’t accept that, but I can believe it.

About 20 years ago, after work, I went to a club with some friends of mine. I met a couple of other guys who I thought were my friends, and they offered me a drink. Goldschlager. I downed it like nothing.

The next thing I remember, I was in my car, in my garage with a terrific headache. My then-girlfriend told me I had passed out  and thrown up in the club’s bathroom. The club manager had one of my co-workers call my girlfriend to come get me. They carried me out to my car, and she drove me home. She said she couldn’t lift me to get me out of the car, so she put me in the garage and let me sleep.

I had been sleeping/semi-sleeping in the car for nearly a full day.

Then she chewed me out. I couldn’t understand it, and I thought I had just had a bad day. I hadn’t thought too much about it, because it hadn’t happened before and the only time I ever became nearly that trashed was during an experience in Las Vegas where I had a reaction to some prescription medication I was taking. To this day, I think my “friends” used the date-rape drug on me. Their intentions? You never know what people truly think about you. I do know this, one of them had lost an award to me. An annual award that was a big deal. If I had a few people who were less caring than that club manager, I could have gotten in real trouble.

I was smashed. I was way out of character. But you know what? I didn’t rape anyone. I was “drunk out of my mind.” But I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even walk to my car. Drunk out of your mind means you can’t do anything. This football player walked to the dorm, raped the woman, did all kinds of degrading things to her. You can’t be on autopilot and do that. He wasn’t drunk out of his mind.

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