Michael Strahan’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Someone told me not only was Michael Strahan a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he actually was elected to it! I refuse to believe it unless proven otherwise.

I read his Wikipedia page and he is indeed in it. Pathetic. I don’t give a f**k about the Pro Football Hall of Fame anymore.

There’s a whole bunch of players NOT in the Pro Football Hall of Fame who should be, if Strahan is in it. He made it because he’s a celebrity broadcaster, and people in New York like him. That’s it. No other reason.


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Geno Smith brought it On?

Remember that great old Adam West live action Batman where he and ...

Cris Carter says Geno Smith brought on the now infamous sucker punch by former Jets and new Bills linebacker IK Enemkpali. Carter states:

“It’s a lack of leadership on Geno Smith’s part that he would put himself in harm’s way to get sucker-punched.”

Okay. A player gets socked by another player over a $600 debt. Carter believes Smith should have never allowed the situation to get to the point where he would get punched. After all, as the leader of the team, he’s supposed to be smart enough to keep that thing from boiling over.

Of course, we learned this about IK Enemkpali:

Enemkpali was a 19-year-old redshirt freshman at Louisiana Tech in April 2011 when he got into a brawl with the off-duty Arcadia officer working security at Rabb’s Steak House in Ruston. The security man, Hezekiah Perry, managed to unleash pepper spray on Enemkpali.

If you brawl with someone who could kill you, what’s a starting quarterback mean to you?

I’m not surprised this dude was picked up by Rex Ryan; not one bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dude had actually been in contact with the Bills before the incident. It would certainly be suspicious if it was Rex Ryan’s dad, Bloody Ryan making this move. A guy with three career tackles punches out his team’s starter and you reward him by picking him up?  Why, Rex? Your defense in Buffalo isn’t good enough?

How would you feel if you’re the Bills starting QB?

As if they have one.

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Al Michaels — Still A Pompous Windbag

Here we are 45 minutes into the preseason and it starts. Did you hear Al Michaels make a comment about Tim Brown, the new Hall-of-Famer having a contract dispute with “Al Davis?” Then he made a snarky comment about a dispute with Al Davis being “hard to imagine” and Tim Brown almost ending up with the hated Broncos. All this had absolutely nothing to do with what Brown spoke about or the price of tea in China.

Al Michaels, still taking his shots, living off the “Miracle on Ice” call for life. What a bag, what a super douche, what a scroat.  He’s truly feared in the radio-TV business, so we’ll have to wait till his career is over till hear about how obnoxious he really is.

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Deflate Gate

Tom Brady isn’t stupid.

If the commissioner is saying Tom Brady had his cell phone destroyed to avoid giving evidence to Ted Wells, I understand why Brady wouldn’t want that to happen.

The NFL was leaking false data like a sieve to the media. Leaks apparently provided by at least one former employee of the New York Jets. I’m floored.

Earlier in the nonsense, BSP wrote the we wouldn’t give up our smartphone to anyone without a court order. This clearly explains why. It also explains why the NFL is going to eventually descend into carnival barker territory as far as integrity goes. I always wondered how the NFL advertises for its front office jobs. “Must live in the greater New York area” must be the key consideration.

Oh yes, Ray Farmer’s situation was totally different. He was a team employee and he could be fired at any second for not complying with the league’s request. Brady is in a union and he is collectively bargained. He actually has some rights.

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Pure Gasoline and the Ethanol Racket In Texas

Unlike most of my neighbors, I cut my own grass and do my own yard maintenance. Why? Because I’m good at it and I don’t like spending money on stuff I can do. Another thing I do is use a travel trailer with a generator. Both mean using equipment incompatible with the typical auto fuel available. Here in San Antonio, you cannot purchase non-ethanol fuel. As you may or may not know, ethanol (E-10) is destructive to small engines.

Now I went to have my five year old generator checked out for quitting. It’s not an ethanol problem. In fact, the service person said it was likely an overheating problem. They still have to start it up so they can tell what it is. The crazy thing is, they charge for their ethanol free gasoline. 

It’s $6.99 a QUART. $125.00 for five gallons.

That’s right, here in Texas, where the governor, former governor and both senators spout all this freedom stuff, they pretty much done gave up allowing people to buy non ethanol gasoline. It’s a huge racket. Who thought it would be a good idea for a city of 1.5 million people to have no fuel for small engines? At least as a consumer it’s terrible. But there’s not a whole lot of concern here for the consumer.

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The ESPY’s

Are you watching the ESPYs? I, as a dedicated sports fan am NOT. As a matter of fact, ESPN is a big portion of what’s wrong with sports. Their phony awards mean nothing. Sorry, you can’t even make me think that’s wrong with the sick child inevitably trotted out in their pursuit of sympathy viewers.

I don’t want to deal with Disney or ABC’s political ish either. So I won’t.

I’ve always hated sports intersecting with stuff that matters. I’ve already spent too long telling you all I don’t give a damn.

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De Andre Jordan

Unless you’ve been in hiding, you know DeAndre Jordan consented to play basketball for the Dallas Mavericks, then ended up signing a contract (which is really the only thing that matters) and going back to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Jordan has been getting slaughtered in the national media, for going back on his word.

BSP says that’s ridiculous.

How many times have teams cut guys and not cared what happens to them? Um, lots of times. In fact, the Nets just bought out Deron Williams, although they gave him $27M to go away. That is saying, we are better without you, and we’re giving you $27M to not play for us. Jordan didn’t sign a contract with the Mavs. He took advantage of a loophole, which the NBA created just so this kind of thing could happen.

The league once got in on that nonsense. They made Juwon Howard go back to the Wizards after the Heat had signed him. Of course, the Wizards initial low-ball offer pretty much guaranteed Howard was going to go to another team.

So we don’t care that Jordan went back to the Clippers. He makes them as good a team as they were last year with him. Not sure the goal is to be a conference semi-final club.


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