A slight, potentially helpful change to your RV…

Last time we went camping, my wife complained because of the hot lights. Well, I guess she forgot because there’s no mention of the latest improvement I made … LED lights. Here’s the deal: LED lights don’t emit nearly as much heat as the incandescent lights the manufacturer installed at the factory. They certainly don’t use as much power as the incandescent lights so they will help you with power consumption.

Here’s another item of interest: Saving money. Look to Amazon for less expensive but questionable parts for your travel trailer, and these LED lights are no exception. I am working long hours this week so I didn’t get a chance to actually power up the RV. I might drag the battery over there this week to give it a try but I’m sure the LED lights will work. The light will be a bit on the harsh side, but it’s nothing compared to heating your travel trailer up with those lights during a Texas summer.

I went to Camping World a couple of weeks ago. Great selection, but the prices are absolutely ridiculous. I’m wondering why Camping World even bothers to sell stuff you can get at Wal-Mart or Amazon? The reality is, I purchased a 10-pack of LED’s from Amazon for the price of a single light from Camping World. That’s right, the same light that cost me $1.98 at Amazon cost $19.98 at Camping World.

If you’re in an RV, you are always on the lookout for getting your vehicle prepared for travel and living, with the best possible gear at the lowest possible price. I don’t understand Camping World. They seem as if they are out to soak the RVer for every dime possible. I saw a part to connect my Weber Q1200 to the trailer’s gas supply for ~ $42. Okay, but I saw  a similar part to connect the same grill to a propane tank for ~ $39. I can get that same $39 part at Walmart or Lowe’s for $21. Like I said, I don’t know why Camping World soaks people like that, other than to enrich themselves off truly desperate customers.

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Oh, that D750

Have you noticed Bittersportspills isn’t so much about sports anymore?

Anyway, that D750, the camera I referenced as “badass” in a prior post, is exactly that. We are going on a trip soon and I will post some shots. If they are anything like the training shots I’ve taken, they will be … all right. At least I hope so. The D7000 is nice, but the D750 is really a photographer’s camera. It offers more options and you have to know what you are doing. The D7000 can be used in point and shoot mode. You are not paying nearly $2k for a point and shoot. You are using this tool to shoot great pictures.





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Maintaining Your RV

I haven’t posted much here over the past month. That’s because one day in March, I received coupons in the mail from our RV dealer. These were for things like “RV A/C maintenance”, “RV refrigerator maintenance” and the like. I figured since most of these services were $99, it was a great opportunity to get the thing looked at by professionals. You know, find out what I missed.

So we get there and the guy tells me I can get another service for $99, then get a 4th service for free and get the thing washed for free. I’ve just swallowed a big hook. I get the A/C serviced, the furnace, refrigerator and spot seal on the roof. In the end, it cost me just under $400. By the way, they did an excellent wash job on it.

I looked at it and figured “why couldn’t I have done that myself?” Seriously, it looked easy. Basically, they changed a filter on the a/c; the anode rod on the water heater, and spot sealed the roof. Ok. The guy says to me “we can sanitize your fresh water tank” which should be done. We dry camp on our property. I’ve sanitized the fresh water tank before and it sucks. Well,  dude tells me its $175.00. I decline, because I can do it for just about $20 total.

RV maintenance is something I don’t like doing, but it gets expensive if you take it to get done. Actually, it isn’t that hard if you have room … which I don’t. I have to do it in front of my house, which I really don’t like. My neighbors don’t like it either. So I took it to get worked on.YouTube is informative but they don’t always tell you everything.

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Ben to marry Lauren B?

You saw “The Bachelor” finale where Ben proposed to Lauren B?

Now did Ben drag his pastor out here to mess this up with no wedding?

At least JoJo came away with The Bachelorette. She deserves it.

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If you are a Nikon enthusiast like I am, you know Nikon recently released the D5 and will soon release the D500, a top of the line DX camera. The D5 is Nikon’s new full frame flagship. In the words of “James”, one of BSP’s photo enthusiast friends, the technology in the D5 is “amazing.” Nikon lays it out nicely:

What determines when Nikon releases a full-frame flagship camera? When technological innovation demands it. Introducing the D5, an FX-format DSLR that makes the impossible possible. Huge advancements in sensor design, autofocus, metering and image processing result in thrilling new capabilities—low light shooting all the way to ISO 102,400 (expandable to an unheard of ISO 3,280,000), precise AF detection and tracking across that entire ISO range, regardless of your subject’s speed or direction changes, blazing fast 12 fps continuous shooting, 4K UHD video and, of course, image quality that captures the hearts and minds of your viewers. This is not iteration, friends. This is innovation…spectacular innovation. How will it change the way you shoot?

BSP can’t afford the kind of cash outlay related to the D5. BSP also believes the cost of the D500 is absurd for a DX camera, no matter what the capability. So we went ahead and purchased the D750, one of Nikon’s current high quality full frame bodies. That body along with a 24-120MM lens costs roughly the same amount as the D500. The D750 is positioned between the D610 and the D810.

The D750 is bad ass. It has built-in WIFI, two slots for memory cards, 24.3 megapixels (as if megapixels truly mean anything, it is equal to the D610), 1080P recording and is of course, full frame. It’s also heavy as hell. It’s much heavier than my current DSLR, the D7000. 

The one drawback is, I have to upgrade my lenses. I only had DX lenses before, an 18-200MM & a 35MM. Both work well on my D7000, but are mediocre at best on my D750. I think they only use 5MP of the sensor. The 24-120mm FX lens I received is not Nikon’s best product. Here’s what I’m considering:

24-70mm: one of Nikon’s best lenses, a midrange telephoto. I’d love to get this because of the versatility of the lens … it has low light capability, but it’s expensive as hell. The VR version I’ve linked is $2300.

70-200mm: A great lens for shooting sports and motion but also a bit pricy in the  $1900 range (on sale). 

70-300mm: This device is actually a nice lens, but isn’t particularly great in low light. It’s quite inexpensive at $500.

28-300mm: I’m leaning towards this device. It replaces two lenses, and while it’s not a low light device like the 24-70mm, it’s got a lot of ability. For $770, it’s got real potential, especially when paired with a prime lens.

50mm: Teamed with the the 28-300mm lens, the 50mm offers very good low light capability. Nikon offers an f/1.4G, a terrific prime, and a nearly as good f/1.8G for half the money.

If any of you out there are Nikon / Nikkor aficionados, I’d like to hear what you think.

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Preparing for Yosemite

I’ve told you about our camping trips. Last weekend, we set a personal record of sorts. While our trips have mostly been short ones, we went to Northeast Texas, near Tyler. That was a trip of over 400 miles one way. Get this: San Antonio is deep in the heart of Texas. It’s 250 miles to Dallas, 200 miles to Houston and 550 miles to El Paso. While our trips would be to multiple states on the East Coast, we’ve never left Texas. In fact my last truck, which I had for 3 years never left the state.

This trip was a test. We are going to Yosemite later this year. We are going to have to drive 500 miles a day for three days. As nice as my truck is, I now know why I have flown whenever I’ve left this state for the past 10 years. 400-500 miles hauling a travel trailer is no joke. Doing it for three days in a row can’t be much fun.

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A word about Brock Osweiller

Did you see where the Texans signed Brock Osweiller to a monstrous deal? 

I know what you’re thinking: Here’s the first chance for BSP to laugh at the Broncos. 

That’s not happening. Its a brilliant move by John Elway. The Brocos can actually afford to go get help since they don’t have Manning or Osweiller taking up a huge amount of cap space. If I were a Broncos fan, I would be happy about this move because it’s going to help them keep Von Miller too. They need a QB but they’re coming off a SB win. That SB win wasn’t because of their great offense. If you’re a QB and you want a chance to win, you might make that move to Denver.

Osweiller? He went for the money, but not just money. He didn’t like the way he was treated by the Broncos. The fact he wasn’t a team player in the end showed; he was really butthurt by getting benched. Despite the record, Osweiller wasn’t very good and should have been benched. 

I think Osweiller is going to cost the Texans a ton of money, without giving them much in return. That guy has a fragile ego and fragile ego QB’s don’t win titles.

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