Houston Has A Problem

Did any of you watch the Rockets get battered last night? Was that entertaining, watching Golden State pummel them pretty much from start to finish? I heard the Rockets broadcast on Sirius XM. Pretty funny listening a horrific series defeat sink into their reality.

I have to say, seeing RocketsFan dump on Steph Curry was even more entertaining.

The real players they should have dumped on are James Harden, who after touting himself as the “MVP” turned invisible in Game 3; and Dwight Howard who we are counting on disappearing in Game 4. What do I mean? I mean actually leaving the game before his team is eliminated officially. Like this:

lol, at least Kupchak realized that whole trade with the Magic was a mistake and moved on. Oh I know, The Lakers wanted him back. Sure. So what, they could take a beating in the first round annually? This year, they get the #2 pick overall. Hopefully that guy will have an ounce of heart.

Yesterday, I was at a stoplight thinking, you know, it might be good if The Lakers were actually good again. Then I regained my sanity. The Lakers became The Lakers because of favoritism from the league, officials giving them every break imaginable and sports media sucking them off like no tomorrow. The Lakers need to wander in the sports wilderness for a couple of decades like the Celtics did. Meanwhile, the Rockets and Kevin McHale now get stuck with The Lakers discards.

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Late Night Television is Overrated

I’ve heard all this great talk about David Letterman’s show going off the air after 33 years or so.

Frankly, I didn’t notice. I didn’t notice when Jay Leno left either.

Late night television, with the show host having all these Hollywood bags on is near totally irrelevant. Late night television should have as many views as this blog gets, if not less. Late night television is not as funny as this blog. I know the characters. Letterman, Jimmy Fallon every-freaking-where spamming the hell out of me; the other late night guy whose name escapes me but is equally un-memorable. While you all love them, I find DVRed Steve Wilkos, Cheaters and Maury Povich shows by far more entertaining.

I think I watched David Letterman’s show only once, when Tim Duncan was on it. Both Tim and David were notoriously unfunny.

So whatever you’re going to succeed Late Night with David Letterman, I can watch something else then as well. I might watch a woman. You know, someone who is actually funny and not a total bag in the bag for their douche guest.


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Choking Dogs? This isn’t Easy.

Every time the Capitals get in the playoffs, they fall short. This time, after getting a 3-1 lead on the hated, ESPN-backed New York Rangers, they lost, 2-1 in overtime of game seven.

ESPN’s media responded with the typical “choking dogs” commentary. In fact, I don’t even know what they said because I wouldn’t want to give them ratings, but I know they said it. They (meaning a douche like Tony Kornheiser) are utterly predictable.

What super-douches Kornheisers and Wilbons don’t know, because they’ve never played any competitive sport, is, this isn’t easy.

Do they really think it would be easy knocking off the President’s Cup winners? Did they really think it would be easy putting out a media favorite? The Rangers are supposed to win that series. The Rangers are supposed to win the Stanley Cup. The Rangers are supposed to have a parade, and vindicate every douche in the Greater New York City region … if the Rangers win, the douche wins.

Beating the Rangers, the douchebags and the media ain’t easy. That’s all I have to say about that.

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You’ve Lost Your Mind

Watching Dr. Phil today. It’s absolutely insane. The family of a girl who had been cyber bullied and eventually killed herself is being harassed. Not by someone who knows them but a woman who had a “vision” that the girl’s daughter killed her, and her mother helped cover it up.

That’s right, someone who didn’t even know the family is accusing them of murder. The accuser is conducting an online campaign to re-open the case, despite the medical examiner’s ruling of suicide. The woman is also harassing the family of the deceased girl with online comments. Dr. Phil tried going through a timeline and lengthy evidence of a suicide, but the woman … who claimed a connection with the deceased girl through having the same name … Rebecca Ann … was having none of it. She claimed the girl’s father agreed with her on re-opening the case. He did want the case re-opened, but did not believe the other daughter and his ex-wife had anything to do with his daughter’s death.

We at BSP believe conspiracy theory is okay until it actually starts to effect other people. Conspiracy theory is for nut cakes who want to explain something in a way that makes no sense. You know, like the conspiracy theory that had Lyndon Baines Johnson shooting President Kennedy. You didn’t see Johnson on the Zapruder tape, did you? But they’re selling that theory.

I’m not sure whether this person actually believes what she’s saying or trying to turn a profit out of this.

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Bulls Media Emerges

Have you noticed there’s been a groundswell of support for the Chicago Bulls in sports media? It must be due to the lack of good teams left in the NBA playoffs.

BSP believes the support is due to NBA owner Michael Jordan’s once time playing career. You know, where band wagoners bought a whole bunch of Chicago Bulls gear and haven’t been able to wear it since the Jordan days. Now they can take a deep breath, zip up those BULLS jackets they last wore in 1996 and stuff themselves into them like a bratwurst.

Amazing how sports media turns on its hero LB James once he departed one of their favorite vacation spots.

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Deflate-Gate Nonsense

I think the first time we dealt with Deflate-gate, we said it was nonsense.

Nothing’s changed, except it’s even more ridiculous. There’s talk Tom Brady is going to get suspension, possibly up to six games. Six games for deflating a football! Are you serious? The only reason for Tom Brady to get a suspension is JetsMedia. JetsMedia is driving this whole thing, with punishment ending once they’ve exacted their pound of flesh.

You know I’m no fan of the Patriots. However, it’s ridiculous to think this is even a minor transgression. Slap on the wrist and we’re good.

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Aftermath of Pacquaio – Mayweather

I remember saying BSP loves Floyd M. Mayweather, Jr. Well, at least we did then.

I’m reading all kinds of nonsense, now that “Money” Mayweather humbled Manny Pacquaio. Stuff like Floyd got on his bike; Floyd “ran” from Pacquaio, etc.

Bottom line, folks: Mayweather isn’t a slugger. Mayweather isn’t going to let you beat him into submission. Floyd M. Mayweather (actually his middle name is “Joy”, but we inserted “M” as in “money”) is not going to allow you to hit him. Floyd Mayweather is going to let you wear yourself out trying to hit him, and then he’s going to use his speed to get on the offensive. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a talented boxer. He’s not going to let hubris affect his game.

I suspect Manny Pacquaio was way too strong five years ago for Floyd to handle. I also suspect Floyd was well aware of that fact, and was also suspicious of Pacquaio’s strength. Once Floyd started questioning him, Pacquaio came down a bit. I believe Floyd now wishes he fought him before, because he could handle it.

I think Floyd wants to fight twice, both for huge paydays. He wants to finish 50-0, with a mountain of money in his pocket, and beating Rocky Marciano’s record. If I were Floyd, I’d fight my next fight in Beijing; strictly for the money.

Pacquaio made $120M off this fight. He has enough to continue the rest of his life without having to do anything else. I would suggest he seriously consider doing so, because he has nothing left to prove. Manny has slowed down tremendously.


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