One Standard for you, Another for Me

Above all else on this Blog, we hate the Double Standard. You know, the one that says you can do one thing, but I can’t do the same thing because you are, well, you.
Here’s the deal: If I’m Cam Newton, I can’t do HGH. I can’t call in Tom Jackson as my talking dummy. I can’t call in Ari Fleischer like I’m the damn President; I sure as hell can’t call in goons to intimidate your parents without catching some serious heat.

But someone else can.

People into sports get the idea a human being is other than a human being. They make these people out to be super humans who can do no wrong. They pretend athletes are “role models”, because they are “good” or they are poor role models themselves. They don’t know these people. They may have flaws, imperfections … hell, they do. They are people. At some point in time, they are going to make mistakes. Either those mistakes will get publicized and the person made to look “bad” or the mistake will be unknown to only but a few people.

What I’ll challenge you all with is the statement,  “no one is perfect.” If you have to work that hard on crafting your image where everything you mention in passing is an advertisement there’s probably a lot wrong, but we’ll never know. Or we won’t know until the person comes tumbling down. 

Remember Joe Paterno? Bill Cosby, when he was “America’s favorite dad?” A year before he died, Joe Paterno had a statue of himself on campus. A year later, it was in storage. Let us not forget the immortal double killer Orenthal “OJ” Simpson. A double killer who in previous lives was a great NFL running back, a B actor in comedies, the guy who ran through airports for Avis and unknown to most of us … an abusive wife beater.

Sorry but BSP never has been and never will be into hero worship. Can’t do it. Not going to do it. We realize people are people. They have imperfections and we recognize that. That’s why Liza the Broncos fan got her own post, and it’s why BroncosFan in general gets on my nerves.

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Final Words on SB50

The worst Super Bowl champion ever, for the worst fans ever. Peyton Manning was a bystander. 

I will never respect that franchise.

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 Super Bowl 50 and the Alternate Reality

I’m can’t do it. I’m not going to do it. While you all will be in front of your TVs watching “The Good Guys” (idiot Broncos fan terminology for their favorite football team) play the Carolina Panthers, I’m going to be cutting down trees on my property and possibly doing some work in my garage.

I said I’d never watch a Broncos game again until the alternate reality of Peyton Manning goes away. You know, stuff like:

– Papa John’s pizza is anything better than mediocre

– An insurance company is on “your side.” Sure, ask anyone filing a claim.

The alternate reality hasn’t gone away, so I have. A dude throws his wife under the bus and I’m supposed to think he’s great? Dude hires goons to not go to the accuser’s home but to the home of his parents for intimidation purposes? Dude hires Ari Fleischer for P.R. assistance when he’s accused of HGH use? Dude’s kid appears out of nowhere after the AFC Championship Game; just like Steph Curry’s fun and playful daughter? Everything is an act. It’s for publicity. He’s scripted, alternate reality, and it makes me sick that people swallow this act.

BSP already knew he wasn’t this great sportsman you all want to pretend he is. That guy run up scores on a lot of bad teams to pad his stats. 

One thing about Peyton Manning that isn’t fake. We know HGH really does work.

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A Word on The Granary

In our Kreuz Market post, we mentioned Rudy’s. Rudy’s is a chain of barbecue joints in South and Central Texas. I think there are three “real” Rudy’s and the rest are franchisees. Frankly I hadn’t tried a franchised Rudy’s until we went camping in New Braunfels. The Rudy’s there met the standards of the “real” Rudy’s close to my home. I enjoyed the brisket, while my wife … who hates Rudy’s for reasons yet to be adequately explained … demolished her baby back ribs. 

The real reason for this post is The Granary. The Granary is upscale barbecue. I wish I could go the The Granary more often but its reputation makes it nearly unusable. The great barbecue chef Steve Raichlen placed The Granary in his top 10 barbecue joints in the United States for 2013.  The barbecue joint Two Bros is on Raichlen’s list, and I swear I don’t know how that happened. Two Bros is average IMO, and I’ve had it more than once. Anyway, As The Granary is one of the few good barbecue joints in San Antonio, it’s hard to get a seat. If you can’t get a seat, you can’t eat. Then there’s hardly anyplace else to go.

By the way, if you’re in The Granary, try the turkey. It’s the only good commercial barbecue turkey I’ve had. I believe I mentioned this in the previous The Granary post.

We need more good barbecue joints in South Texas, specifically San Antonio. Great Texas barbecue is located east of Austin, in the Lockhart – Luling area. San Antonio? We have The Granary, Rudy’s and that’s about it. If you dare mention Bill Miller’s you can leave this post and this blog forever. I can’t explain why there isn’t more great BBQ around here other than the fact San Antonians like to wait in line. 

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Did I mention Pickup Trucks?

The Broncos are in the Super Bowl. I haven’t even turned on NFL Radio in the past week. Here’s how I handle Broncos Super Bowls: I ignore it, unless they lose. 

I don’t even watch the game. Get this, I’m a former NFL season ticket holder for two teams. I so despise that franchise, I totally tune out the Super Bowl, the biggest annual sporting event there is.

My interests have turned to pickup trucks. 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks. Here’s where the discussion gets a little weird. I realize this is a bit controversial, like almost every pickup truck conversation.

1) There are five models of 1/2 ton truck BSP HQ cares about:

Ford’s F150, the real leader in 1/2 ton trucks. The innovation in their 1/2 ton trucks especially with the EcoBoost feature (turbocharger) is simply amazing.  From the Car and Driver article:

Ford’s F-series business alone could qualify as a Fortune 100 company—just that one product line. 

– Chevrolet/GMC with their Silverado/1500 line, they tend to be somewhat popular as fleet trucks.

Ram 1500, formerly Dodge Ram 1500. The best looking trucks around; they have ability as a work truck as well.
Toyota Tundra, the bulletproof truck. It is excellent for recreational use but seldom is applied as a work truck.

– Nissan Titan. This is the truck people laugh at you for buying. They are trying to do something about this by using a Cummins diesel engine, a lengendary brand in trucking, for their replacement, the Nissan XD.

One of my favorite Fast Lane videos has the Nissan XD and a Ford F-150 with their bottom of the line 5.0, a truck Nissan selected, in it. The 5.0 passes the Nissan XD with the same load. Not exactly what you want to showcase your new vehicle.

2) There are only three lines of 3/4 ton trucks BSP HQ cares about, and only two I actually even considered buying. We only believe Diesel engines can be considered here because gas engines aren’t used for commercial heavy duty applications.

Never forget, the term “heavy duty” is used liberally by manufacturers but most3/4 ton trucks are not considered “heavy duty” by the government.

Ford F250 Super Duty, the leader in 3/4 ton trucks. I test drove the  truck with the Power Stroke turbo diesel with th 6.7L engine. The truck is highly capable and truly outstanding unless you consider the ride of the vehicle. I knew my back eventually would not agree with this vehicle.

Ram 2500. The 2015 Ram 2500 with the Cummins Turbo Diesel; I test drove this vehicle and I actually purchased it. This video helped make that decision a little easier:

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. Right now, Chevy is bragging about its carbon steel technology. The reality is, GM products are innovation-adverse and they wouldn’t dare go high risk and high reward like Ford has with its aluminum products. 

Ok, want to argue? What truck does Chevy always bring up in their commercials? Ford. Sometimes Ram. They are always going to chase the leaders but not catch up. For that matter, Ram hardly ever brings up Ford, and never brings up Chevy. I read where Ram has 2 million trucks on the road with Cummins engines in them. 

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Camping on a Whim Gets You …

Yesterday while I was at work, I texted my wife and asked her if she wanted to go camping. Of course she wanted to go. I asked her to pack a bag, pick a place and we’d go when I got home.

Naturally, she did everything except pack a bag and pick a place to go. She asked ME to pick the place.


So I picked a place. I wanted to go to a park in Fredericksburg, about 75 miles away. She agreed and we tried to book it. Unfortunately, it was completely full. She called a couple more places. They were both booked or closed. She finally decided on a place off I-35. It was less than an hour’s drive but it was getting dark.

This was the first time I had ever driven the travel trailer in the dark. Did I mention it was during San Antonio rush hour? Here’s something you may not know about San Antonio: traffic isn’t that bad, but drivers are very, um, aggressive. They like to dive in front of you when you are towing 3.5 tons of RV behind you. I know, they do that everywhere but here, they are very aggressive. Especially Tundra driver, but that’s another post.

We went and made it in a little over an hour. We arrived at the park; I was hoping it wasn’t too close to the highway. It was less than a quarter mile from the highway. We could hear trains as well. Did I mention the bikers across the lot? What were they doing at 1030 pm?

Who cares? We were in our travel trailer. It’s always good. I thought I had set everything up and we did our routine. Get something to eat, get our drink on and have a great time. 

This morning, we started to get it together to go home. I wanted to get in the shower, but my wife suggested I empty the black & gray water tanks before I showered. Sounded sensible but on my way to do it … you can’t empty those tanks, then fill them back up! So I’m about to get back in and shower when:

“Honey … why don’t we have hot water?”

Hell, I don’t know. She then tells me the water was hot but not that hot last night. I thought it was jus fine. I’m thinking some switch is off or we’re out of propane and have to switch bottles. 

There are four things running off propane in our trailer: hot water, the stove, the refrigerator and the furnace. The refrigerator was cold. The furnace had been working. The stove fired right up. Gas was flowing. I started to believe maybe the gas to the water heater itself didn’t work so I switched to electric. I waited. The electric switch didn’t heat the water. After ice cold showers, we got out of there and now I have to diagnose what’s gone wrong with the water heater. F!

So it goes with RVing. You have to figure stuff out like this all the time. Hot water, air conditioning, gray water, brakes, etc. I dumped the gray water after the black water and the handle came off in my hand. F!  

Had to make the stop at Camping World. I might do a post on that place, too.

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Winter Camping

Too funny, I live in South Texas and I’m writing about winter camping. There really isn’t such a thing here, but I’m going to write about it anyway. 

We bought our travel trailer in November 2014. The trailer came ready to take out on a camping trip. We were such raw rookies we just drove it to the nearest storage lot and parked it there until we could figure out what to do next. Our first camping trip wasn’t really a trip. It was 4 miles from the storage location, and less than a mile from the dealership. We did it just to check out the systems, which worked just fine. After we put it back into storage, a couple of freezes hit. We didn’t think anything of it. Now we drain the water out of the tanks and drain the lines as best as we can. We don’t winterize because it hardly gets cold enough to fill the lines. There’s some risk involved with this because it has gotten cold here … just not recently. Recently meaning 2011.

Winter camping, which we did last weekend, is great for us because we sleep better when it’s a little cooler. We visited a place on a lake in Southeast Texas, about 150 miles away for a couple of days. Our weather was precipitation free, a huge plus for us. The temperature would drop down to about freezing at night; during the day it rose into the mid-60’s. We also got to try it our propane heater. It worked beautifully. We set it at 68 and it stayed at 68 all night. The propane heater doesn’t use much fuel, either.

One negative about the winter camping bit is the weather changes rapidly. Our return home was unpleasant because of the wind. When you pull a travel trailer, the stability isn’t so great. It was very windy, and the trailer experiences some sway despite the presence of a weight distribution hitch and anti-sway bars. It started to suck but we made it through.

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