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Sports Talk Radio, Chris Duel and Dawn Murphy

I think there’s only one city in America with good sports talk: Philadelphia. WIP is serious business. Philadelphia is serious about their sports. Maybe New York. Maybe Boston, except their elite homerism is way beyond our tastes. The rest are … Continue reading

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Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is one in a long list of child prodigies who hasn’t yet achieved the level of play expected of her. She was expected to be the female Tiger Woods. No, bad guys, I meant as far as playing … Continue reading

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Jalen Rose

If it weren’t for Mike Taylor, Jalen Rose might be unanimous choice of Douchebag of the Week. Except there is a Mike Taylor, so Rose finishes second. Rose was arrested for driving while intoxicated on March 11th. Seems Rose produced … Continue reading

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University of Kentucky Basketball

Two thingsĀ  are certainties in the SEC: 1) Someone in that conference is cheating and 2) it isn’t Vanderbilt. In this case, we shall examine the University of Kentucky basketball program. John Calipari is the coach. The last two programs … Continue reading

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Douchebag Sports Talk Radio Show Host

Virtually all of them are d-bags, but winner of D-bag of the week goes to Mike Taylor of “Sports Talk San Antonio”. Yesterday, he goes into a rant where he says he has media credentials to the Final Four, but … Continue reading

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Re-Return of the King

The King is officially gone. The Cavaliers beat the Heat tonight, in another game where LB James was roundly booed. James, in an effort to look even douchy-er than (slave) owner (allegedy) Dan Gilbert, showed up to the arena in … Continue reading

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Final Four set

Now with the Final Four set, UCONN will play Kentucky and the amazing VCU Rams will play the equally amazing Butler Bulldogs. The favorite to win it all has to be Kentucky. They have the program, the coach and the … Continue reading

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