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Wikileaks, NFL-style

I was looking at Deadspin and viewed an article claiming “It’s Only A Matter of Time Before an NFL team’s Financials are Leaked“. The post ripped the NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Unfortunately, an NFL team’s financial records are … Continue reading

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LB James and the Boston Roadblock

I saw on ESPN where they’ve decided to publish the Dan Gilbert comments indicating LB James “quit” during Cleveland’s second round series against Boston last year. Not too hard to see why that might have happened, especially since the guy … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Drafts

You know I’m not a homer. You know I don’t just spout the company line. You know I call them as I see them. First, the NFL Draft is an amazing item, because all these blabbermouths make their money by … Continue reading

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Detroit — San Jose on Sharks Homervision

Picked up the Sharks and Red Wings from the “Shark Tank”. Looks like the Sharks just tied the game, 1-1 on a legit power play. Wow, I’m going to watch my DVRed Maury Povich. Why are you doing this, VS? … Continue reading

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San Antonio — Memphis

One game later, the Spurs are finished, losing to Memphis, 99-91. Frankly it took a miracle for them to extend it this far. The deal is this: That team has to get blown up. The team just doesn’t have enough … Continue reading

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NFL Draft

As we watch the draft progress, we read blogs by several well-respected local media beat writers. Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times notes: Looked on TV as if Dallas was less enthusiastic than most teams. Some actual perspective, perhaps? … Continue reading

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Cam Newton

Cam Newton going first overall surprised you? Are you kidding? I was in the store watching the Crimson Tide roll Auburn, 24-0. I texted a colleague and mentioned the Tide was rolling. By the end of that day, I had … Continue reading

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Mike Taylor’s Rant against San Antonio Spurs

Here’s a rant against a rant. This afternoon, I was listening to Mike Taylor of SportsTalk San Antonio. He revealed his true colors, as Mavericks fan. He made statements with no real basis in fact. For instance, he said that … Continue reading

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Memphis – San Antonio

San Antonio, on the brink of elimination, pulls a couple of rabbits out of their hat and wins a tight game, 110-103. Memphis helped out with a couple of strategic missteps. Zack Randolph, with a 1-point lead, made two free … Continue reading

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Montreal – Boston

It’s over. A deflection in front by Krecj, and the Bruins end it. The whole play didn’t look good for Montreal from the start. It didn’t look like the game would go long, unfortunately. Now Boston can play Philadelphia, the … Continue reading

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