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Dallas — Miami

The Heat defeated the Mavericks tonight, 92-84. The Heat, after falling behind early in the third, tuned it up. The seven foot shooting guard went for 27 and 8, but the Heat were able to get stops when they needed. … Continue reading

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While you’re watching The Finals…

…I’m watching my DVRed copy of the last episode of “Breakout Kings”. Last episode because the show probably won’t be renewed. Low ratings + high price = cancellation. The show is actually quite entertaining, despite the relatively simple plots. The … Continue reading

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Celebrity Wannabe

I work with a bunch of guys who don’t like ice hockey. Mostly because they don’t understand it. I do know sportswriters are too limp to understand the game, so we try our best to ridicule them and others. For … Continue reading

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Cheating Cheaters Cheat

Thank goodness Tressel quit. Otherwise, we’d have to talk about the NBA finals, LB James and a seven foot shooting guard. Instead, we can discuss how cheating cheaters cheat. One article, the SI piece which ended up getting Tressel…um, resigned…printed … Continue reading

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Jim Tressel quits

Tell me our USC + OSU posts, inspired by a contributor, didn’t find their way to Jim Tressel. Upon being one of the seven people who read them, Tressel said to himself “BSP thinks I’m a cheater. I had better … Continue reading

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Kim K.

One of my former colleagues and a contributor to BSP brought up the subject of Kim K. Doesn’t it seem as if the dearth of playoff games has led to more posts on actresses and their assets? It’s true. Anyway, … Continue reading

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USC + OSU = Cheaters

One of our key contributors mentioned Ohio State was in the same neighborhood as USC when it comes to cheating. I thanked him for cannon fodder, as well as getting me thinking about the “Haterade” category. As much as I … Continue reading

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Miami — Chicago

Ok. The Heat won, 83-80. Miami is going to The Finals. We are not surprised. However, we are surprised at HOW they won. The Bulls finished the game with a total collapse in the 4th quarter. With a 13-point lead … Continue reading

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The Stuttering Fool

Is there anything worse than The Stuttering Fool? The Stuttering Fool is New York Yankees broadcaster John Stirling. I hear that guy all the time, especially in morning sports talk replays. Like anyone wants to hear that crap. “Yankees Win! … Continue reading

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Boston — Tampa Bay

The power play was the difference for Tampa Bay tonight. Three PPG for Tampa, one for Boston, and a 5 – 4 win for the Lightning. Go figure. Boston is better than Tampa, but the Lightning is taking advantage of … Continue reading

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