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James Harrison and the Men’s Journal Interview

I was in B&N tonight, and I saw a Men’s Journal issue. The same one that left James Harrison issuing an apology not too long ago. I wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. Wow, there’s a reason … Continue reading

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Steve Wilkos Show

I’ve given up trash TV, except for the Steve Wilkos show. It’s not staged; the funny thing is this guy dishes out morality in easy situations. Hey, “Dude beats his girl. ” “Mom abuses her daughter.” Steve find out who … Continue reading

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Eagles going for it all

…take a look at BSP’s post “End of the Lockout“, we posted this little gem: We do need to find out where the prime free agents are going. Nnamdi Asmomugha (sic) for example (Philadelphia). You ask, how did BSP know … Continue reading

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One last thing…

Of course I know Kemba Walker and the college he goes to. U-CON. Didn’t they get slapped with an Ohio State-like probation for cheating? That’s gonna make a good post. When I think Kemba Walker, I think Bo Kimble. Jack … Continue reading

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A Look Back at the Recent Past

I was looking at some emails so I can sue someone and I saw the origins of bittersportspills. I wrote an email to some colleagues called “Bitter Pills” on March 11. It triggered a chain of hatermail so I had … Continue reading

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Another word on Rex Ryan

Mike Taylor just spoke a bit about Rex Ryan and how he delivered motivation. Seems a couple of items led to the Ravens totally destroying the Cowboys in the last game of Texas Stadium’s history. Even better, the humiliation was … Continue reading

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Impressed with the Jets and Dolphins

Even though I don’t like either one of those teams, the Jets and Dolphins immediately released lockout pay for their employees. Hate to say it, because several of their most important players are colossal douches, but the Jets are a … Continue reading

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Lockout is Over

The NFL players have consented to the terms of a collective bargaining agreement. According to Commissioner Goodell, the NFL is “back”. Unless you’re a big fan of Hall-of-Fame games (I am), minicamps and OTA’s, it never left. Now comes the … Continue reading

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Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions

Yesterday, we had Baseball’s Hall-of-Fame inductions. Baseball’s Hall of Fame is the biggest big deal among sports halls because it’s old–probably the first Hall of Fame in sports, and today’s players are compared against the old all-timers. Since baseball is … Continue reading

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Amy Winehouse

Is there anyone who didn’t see this coming? She had been to rehab several times. It’s sad. Man, that chick could sing her heart out: It’s sad such a talented musician died so young. Then again, I was watching “Lady … Continue reading

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