Another word on Rex Ryan

Mike Taylor just spoke a bit about Rex Ryan and how he delivered motivation. Seems a couple of items led to the Ravens totally destroying the Cowboys in the last game of Texas Stadium’s history. Even better, the humiliation was in front of several Cowboys all-time greats.

First, and previously unknown to BSP, Ryan revealed the Cowboys actually requested playing Baltimore in that final game. Seems they referred to it as a “homecoming” type game, where the game would be an easy win. Probably not a good idea to request Ray Lewis to show up for your homecoming game, but the Ravens were coming off a 5-11 season, were likely to start Joe Flacco and had a rookie head coach in John Harbaugh.

Next, and most important, the Ravens had offered their head coaching job to Jason Garrett. Garrett didn’t want that job, and Jerry Jones paid him $3M/year to be the OC. Ryan tells it like he wanted the Baltimore job, didn’t get the opportunity even though Garrett turned it down. Furthermore, it told the Baltimore players he didn’t want the job. Bart Scott said Garrett didn’t think enough of the players in the Baltimore locker room–like himself, like Ray Lewis–to be associated with them.

Ryan said it was the easiest game in his career to motivate their players. Watch the video here, and no, it’s not Cowboys Homervision, it’s the NFL Network. Same difference, I guess:

Too funny, I was watching this game, and one of the players on the Baltimore sideline said “blow this b***h up”. Ryan said they laughed all the way back to Baltimore. They continued laughing when the Cowboys lost to the Eagles the next week, 44-6. It was Dallas’ worst loss since the Bears whitewashed them 44-0 in their Super Bowl season (1985).

The Cowboys open the season against the Jets in the New Meadowlands on September 11th. No symbolism there, huh? While the game was probably scheduled by the league, don’t you think the Jets wanted it this way?

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