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Revisiting the Dumbest Fans in Sport

I stated in a previous post the Raiders have some of the dumbest fans in sport. I also credited the niners with some of the dumbest fans ever. Both are true, but there’s someone way dumber than niners or Raiders … Continue reading

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Do We Care?

Last night, the Yankees defeated the Red Sox, 5-2. Ho hum. Hate to break the bad news to morning sports-talk radio guy but Yankees – Red Sox does not exactly blow you away with anticipation anymore. How could it? They … Continue reading

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Megaquake: Hour that Shook Japan

Instead of watching the Raiders second string getting pummeled by New Orleans, I tuned to the Discovery Channel to see something more enlightening. A show called Megaquake. It describes the beating Japan took from the March earthquake, tsunami and nuclear … Continue reading

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Apollo 18

I see where there’s a movie coming out called Apollo 18. Its supposedly a “super secret” mission to the Moon that uncovers a dead Soviet cosmonaut, a parasitic life form and is the real “reason why we didn’t go back … Continue reading

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Apple, Steve Jobs and his illness

BSP has seen an outpouring of support for Apple’s chairman, Steve Jobs and the medical problems he is going through at the moment.He’s seen as a real visionary. It’s also an interesting situation for those persons now running Apple. The … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Raiders…

…any Raiders fans out there looking forward to facing the Saints tomorrow night in Oakland? Even if its just a preseason game? Me neither. The last time something like this happened, it was 1997. The Raiders were playing in preseason … Continue reading

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niners Destroyed on niners Homervision

NFL Network is broadcasting the niners playing the Houston Texans, and they are running niners homervision’s broadcast. Why do I call the niners the niners? Because I don’t respect their fans. I first attended a game at Candlestick in 1997; … Continue reading

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