Apple, Steve Jobs and his illness

BSP has seen an outpouring of support for Apple’s chairman, Steve Jobs and the medical problems he is going through at the moment.He’s seen as a real visionary. It’s also an interesting situation for those persons now running Apple. The company is at its zenith now, and there’s only one way for it to go.

The dude does look pretty ill, as this picture published on the gossip site TMZ indicates.

Even as we type this on a Macintosh product, we realize most of Apple’s “visionary” products aren’t real.What Apple, and Mr. Jobs have done is create a new genre of consumer electronic products. You know, like a digital clock, tape recorder or DVD player used to be. A cellular phone isn’t new. Neither is an MP3 player or an mobile internet enabled device. Combining them is a relatively obvious step. At some point, these consumer electronics products will peter out, and the enormous profits they generate will shrink. There’s only so much you can do with a device, and there’s a point where it will become redundant. I have an iPhone 4. I can’t think of a reason to replace the device, other than it becoming obsolescent due to protocol changes. When we see the onset of streaming live TV on mobile devices, that will also be hailed as a “new” and “visionary” development.

I will always say, if Microsoft hadn’t poured $150 million into Apple in 1997, the company might not exist today.


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