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Kim K to get Divorced?

Yes, our girl Kim K is getting divorced. Again. This is the second time around for her. After only 72 days. Too bad. Right. Kim K is getting divorced because her husband couldn’t handle a lifestyle that she lived. One … Continue reading

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Resume San Diego – Kansas City

Watching the end of the SD-KC game. It’s going to overtime. I’m actually hoping here for a scoreless tie. With the clock winding down and the Chargers needing only a field goal, Phillip Rivers pulls out of center and fumbles … Continue reading

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St. Tebow

You know I’ve been taking my own shots here at St. Tebow. The really cool thing is, he’s a fine Christian gentleman who tells it like it is. Like you’re going to Hell if you do not accept Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Did I mention…

…I got on the NyQuil and fell asleep about 8PM central daylight time. I woke up and turned to Dallas – Philadelphia. I saw the score was 24-0 Eagles at the half. I fell back asleep. I woke up early … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Games (Oct 30)

Yesterday, I was under the weather so I couldn’t use the computer. However, I was able to watch games on Sunday Ticket tm, using my cell phone. Did I ever say Sunday Ticket is the most awesome thing in sporting … Continue reading

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San Diego – Kansas City

This one is fairly interesting. The Chargers are a better team than the fraudulent Chiefs but they are getting next to nothing from the officials. Yeah, I know. Penalties are penalties. But some penalties shouldn’t be called. Like Antonio Gates’ … Continue reading

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Stanford – USC

Watching Stanford against USC Condoms in Los Angeles. Condoms, malware, what’s the difference. I don’t like USC, and have a particular dislike for their head coach, Lame Kiffin. Anyway, it’s overtime and the game is tied, 34-34. This one might … Continue reading

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