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Kim K to get Divorced?

Yes, our girl Kim K is getting divorced. Again. This is the second time around for her. After only 72 days. Too bad. Right. Kim K is getting divorced because her husband couldn’t handle a lifestyle that she lived. One … Continue reading

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Resume San Diego – Kansas City

Watching the end of the SD-KC game. It’s going to overtime. I’m actually hoping here for a scoreless tie. With the clock winding down and the Chargers needing only a field goal, Phillip Rivers pulls out of center and fumbles … Continue reading

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St. Tebow

You know I’ve been taking my own shots here at St. Tebow. The really cool thing is, he’s a fine Christian gentleman who tells it like it is. Like you’re going to Hell if you do not accept Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Did I mention…

…I got on the NyQuil and fell asleep about 8PM central daylight time. I woke up and turned to Dallas – Philadelphia. I saw the score was 24-0 Eagles at the half. I fell back asleep. I woke up early … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Games (Oct 30)

Yesterday, I was under the weather so I couldn’t use the computer. However, I was able to watch games on Sunday Ticket tm, using my cell phone. Did I ever say Sunday Ticket is the most awesome thing in sporting … Continue reading

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San Diego – Kansas City

This one is fairly interesting. The Chargers are a better team than the fraudulent Chiefs but they are getting next to nothing from the officials. Yeah, I know. Penalties are penalties. But some penalties shouldn’t be called. Like Antonio Gates’ … Continue reading

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Stanford – USC

Watching Stanford against USC Condoms in Los Angeles. Condoms, malware, what’s the difference. I don’t like USC, and have a particular dislike for their head coach, Lame Kiffin. Anyway, it’s overtime and the game is tied, 34-34. This one might … Continue reading

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Late 80’s – Early 90’s Oakland Athletics

One of my former colleagues who enjoys giving me barbs on occasion mentioned the Tony LaRussa-led Cardinals won the World Series. I, being bittersportspills believe the Rangers gave it away as much as the Cardinals won it. I happened to … Continue reading

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World Series Ends, Baseball back in storage

In an anticlimatic Game 7, the Cardinals defeat the Rangers, 6-2 to win the World Series. What a joke. What does this mean? – Tony LaRussa, one of the great douchebags of the 20th and 21st centuries, validates himself as … Continue reading

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Game Six World Series

This is pretty interesting. As much as we say baseball is irrelevant, this World Series thing is interesting. After the bottom of the 10th, the Rangers blew a 2-run lead, but managed to keep the Cardinals from sending it to … Continue reading

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