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Late 80’s – Early 90’s Oakland Athletics

One of my former colleagues who enjoys giving me barbs on occasion mentioned the Tony LaRussa-led Cardinals won the World Series. I, being bittersportspills believe the Rangers gave it away as much as the Cardinals won it. I happened to … Continue reading

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World Series Ends, Baseball back in storage

In an anticlimatic Game 7, the Cardinals defeat the Rangers, 6-2 to win the World Series. What a joke. What does this mean? – Tony LaRussa, one of the great douchebags of the 20th and 21st centuries, validates himself as … Continue reading

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Game Six World Series

This is pretty interesting. As much as we say baseball is irrelevant, this World Series thing is interesting. After the bottom of the 10th, the Rangers blew a 2-run lead, but managed to keep the Cardinals from sending it to … Continue reading

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One more thing…

…if all those teams fall, and LSU-Alabama is a tight loss, don’t overlook the possibility of a rematch.

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BCS Championship Matchups

Everyone knows November 5th is a national semifinal for the BCS Championship Game. The real interesting part is, after Alabama and LSU eliminate one contender, who steps up into the #2 position? Oklahoma and Wisconsin eliminated themselves in this past … Continue reading

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The World Series

If you haven’t heard, the World Series is underway.The Rangers can close it out Wednesday night, but they won’t. I just don’t think they have what it takes. Before I get into the “who cares” portion of this, understand this: … Continue reading

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JM Russell Speaks

We just ran out a post on Tim Tebow, the greatest player in the history of college football, but a soon-to-be-average NFLer. Here, we’re going to write about JaMarcus Russell, the biggest bust in the history of professional sports. Even … Continue reading

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