The Greatest Quarterback Ever

…every once in a while, we’ll get involved with “Greatest Ever” discussions. Like who is the greatest baseball player, greatest pitcher, greatest team, etc.

We’ve seen John Elway writhing as Tim Tebow goes from ragarm benchwarmer to NFL starter to “all he does is win”. Why would he be absolutely disgusted in watching Tebow pull rabbits out of his behind on a continuing basis?

Because, my BSP friends, John Elway is simply the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL.

Now some of you ring bearers want to say “Joe Montana won more rings, Tom Brady piled up monster stats and won more Super Bowls, along with Troy Aikman (who, on our list of great QB’s is the most overrated QB of all time).” How can I put Elway as the greatest ever?

Easy. The Denver Broncos are a suck @$$ franchise. They never did enough to get players, star players to play alongside Elway. Until they brought in Terrell Davis, they just didn’t have the talent to win championships like the neiners, Giants, or Redskins. Elway was pretty much a one-man team until Davis came along.

You really want to know how bad it was?

Joe Montana played with four Hall-of-Famers (O.J. Simpson, Jerry Rice, Fred Dean, Ronnie Lott) while he was with the niners, not including Steve Young or Charles Haley who is a lock to get elected. Montana also had a Hall-of-Fame coach in Bill Walsh.

John Elway played with two. Gary Zimmerman and Shannon Sharpe. Despite Denver’s clear lack of talent, Elway still managed to get the Broncos to five Super Bowls. After Montana left San Francisco, he pretty much did nothing with the Chiefs. Of course, no one does much when they go to the Chiefs…except talk.

Those are stats. My friends, I’ve looked up in the Oakland Coliseum and watched Elway convert a 3rd and 32 for 35 yards and a first down. Even with the Raiders leading that game, I told my friend “this is gonna be a tough one…what play is there for 35 yards in the NFL?” There isn’t. That was greatness my friends, and the combination of toughness (516 all time sacks), mobility, smarts, and a cannon for an arm make John Elway the greatest QB in the history of the game…in my opinion. Too funny, my team is their arch rival, but we have to give props when deserved.




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I love sports. I don't love the hype, homerism, ratings talk, self-important egomaniacs, bias or any of the other nonsense you get with the national media. Nor will you get the two clowns on sports talk radio who stage phony arguments. It doesn't make it entertaining. It makes it time to turn on your iPod and jam instead of listening to white noise generators. This is the sports blog for you, the ones who don't like everything Los Angeles or New York. Just because the sporting media is based there doesn't mean we have to like their teams. We do treat them fairly, though. That means if one of those cities has an average QB who plays particularly well...we'll note it. If they're garbage, we'll say so. Instead of crying "why, why, why" like a certain sports media homer did in his radio broadcast. This isn't my job...I have a real one. Nevertheless, I'll post here when I make an observation. Common sense in sports is nearly dead. Now we're attempting to bring it back.
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