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Fighting Majors on “Basketball Wives”

At BSP, we like fighting. All kinds of fighting. Where else better to see fisticuffs than Basketball Wives? It appears Evelyn Lozado and Jennifer Williams of that show brawled at Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday celebration in Miami last weekend. Apparently, it … Continue reading

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Kyle Williams #1 Fan Writes After niners So-Called “Fan” Base Scourages Him

Kyle Williams has been subjected to much commentary from the loving, devoted fans of the San Francisco niners. Check out some of the classy niners fans showing their love in this article found on the Huffington Post: @KyleWilliams_10 you should … Continue reading

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Tebow Declines Date with Kim K.

You know we love Kim K. Beyond all the reality show stuff, she’s a family values girl. But her trying to put the moves on Broncos zone read QB Tim Tebow had to have been a joke. A very bad … Continue reading

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Super Bowl preview

No tease here: I think the Giants are going to win the Super Bowl. Why? Because like in any team sport, you have to be able to get stops. I don’t think the Patriots stop Eli Manning because their pass … Continue reading

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Chris Duel fired

Last night, local sports talk radio host Chris Duel got fired.The parent firm stated he was sacked for poor ratings. and their desire to go in another direction. They should do it about seven more times, for the majority of … Continue reading

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Kobe’s Divorce Settlement

Are you serious? Look, we know Kobe got married and divorced in California. We know that’s a community property state. We also know Kobe was a serial cheater. But SEVENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS and THREE HOMES? Alimony? Child support? Are … Continue reading

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New York – San Francisco

I’m glad the niners are out. They played hard, but they made mistakes. Now their kick returner is getting death threats. It’s ok, though. niners fans will forget they are fans and not even remember it. On the bright side, … Continue reading

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Baltimore – New England

“Never rely on your kicker” Sincerely; Every Football Coach who has ever Lived

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Joe Paterno is Dead

At the age of 85. Even though the guy’s career ended in a bad way  (though it met legal requirements), Paterno should be judged on his full career. His major accomplishment is helping drive Penn State into the higher echelon … Continue reading

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OJ…you are the father!

Just saw this gem while looking at the Raiders blog. OJ Simpson, the great NFL running back and two-time KILLER…allegedly…is supposedly Khloe Kardashian’s dad. Are we really surprised? Would we really be surprised if the Juice is Khloe’s dad? Or … Continue reading

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