Cheaters: The Jay and Tyra Episode

I was watching a Cheaters spectacular tonight. I’ve seen too many of these episodes, cause I kind of know what’s going to happen. The first case is usually of a white or Hispanic couple, typically involved in a long-term relationship, and one is unrepentant. The second, well let’s just say, it’s “Angry Black Woman” case.

Jay’s was kind of “normal.” At the end, Jay and his wife…mostly Jay…decide they are going to try to reconcile. Right after Jay calls her boyfriend a “Mexican”, and says she’s a stupid ****. Not bad.

The second one, with Tyra Dennison, is an absolute spectacular. Tyra is a woman with a fabulous body. On the way over to the confrontation, Tyra says how pissed she is. Good.That’s why we watch the show in the first place.

Before I talk about this portion of the episode, I’d like to talk about something. Have you ever been with someone who is fine, but has a s#!+ attitude? I’ve got the feeling that’s what this dude was doing, but hey, you don’t get your replacement before cutting loose the previous person.

Tyra marches over to where the dude is having a “picnic” with the other woman, who departs almost immediately when the film crew comes over. Tyra is yelling at the dude, dropping “F” and “MF” bombs at will. She tells him “you suck”. LOL.

He eventually says in her tirade, “Shut the hell up, man…the problem with you is talk too damn much. Shut the hell up.” He runs away, crosses a creek and they talk more (stuff). He then crosses back across the creek and he’s pissed. She challenges him, and he tries to get at her. The Cheaters forwards shove him back. After some more pointed commentary, she promises to bleach his stuff that’s at her house. He says he doesn’t care, as long as he doesn’t have to deal with her anymore.

The gathered crowd chants and calls him “cheater”. Trust me, the video is far better than my comments.

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2 Responses to Cheaters: The Jay and Tyra Episode

  1. Seriously? says:

    Tyra Dennison is considered “fine?” I watched the exact same episode. I’ve never seen a business analyst with braids in their hair that look like Jim Jones’ old braids when they needed to be redone. A “nice body,” IMO, is a FIT body. Tyra was built like a smaller version of Jill Scott. She could also benefit from teeth whitening, braces, veneers and a manicure. She was extremely loud and profane, especially for a woman of 32. Withholding sex from your significant other because they don’t do what you want them to do when you want them to do is a good reason for someone to leave you. Her bf was dishonest in that he should’ve exited the relationship with her before he began seeing the other woman. Beyond that, he seemed like he was tired of her shenanigans, which is why he cheated. Tyra gave the impression of the stereotypical “angry Black woman.” I was royally underwhelmed by tonight’s episode and expect more in the future from Cheaters.

  2. Hey, hey…let’s not get salty here. I admit, last night’s show was not one of the better Cheaters shows…certainly not in the class of the girl from Spain getting married, and finding out her soon-to-have-been husband was cheating on her. Nor is it even in the league with the episode where the gay guy wants to know what is going on with his boyfriend, then he finds out the boyfriend has a pregnant wife…and he admits to the wife some confusion on his sexual preference. Those shows are legendary. Perhaps I was doing what I hate the most…engaging in hyperbole.
    As for Tyra’s looks, that’s a matter of opinion. She does have a smokin body…in my opinion. Her attitude was less than admirable. I suggest, as in all Cheaters shows, she may have been difficult to live with.

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