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GEICO’s Pig Commercial

I was watching the Celtics and Thunder tonight, and I saw the GEICO commercial with the pig ziplining. How ridiculous is that? How ridiculously ANNOYING is that commercial? I’m going to paste it in here just to show how much … Continue reading

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New York – Green Bay

The game is over, and the Giants have won, 37-20. What an impressive team. The Giants have one thing most teams don’t. A pass rush that can consistently generate pressure with their front four. They can run the ball, and … Continue reading

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Houston – Baltimore

I’m watching Texans and Baltimore here in this division series. The Texans were down 17-3, but fought back to make it a 17-13 game. Now Baltimore just got stopped and Texans have the ball. What are teams trying to prove … Continue reading

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Cheaters: The Jay and Tyra Episode

I was watching a Cheaters spectacular tonight. I’ve seen too many of these episodes, cause I kind of know what’s going to happen. The first case is usually of a white or Hispanic couple, typically involved in a long-term relationship, … Continue reading

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Stuff in this Denver – New England game to watch…

I’m watching this Denver-New England game, and there’s some interesting things coming up. 1) New England can’t TACKLE. A lot of times, Tebow slipped from the grasp of onrushing defensive players. That’s not unusual, but it is unusual that they … Continue reading

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Denver – New England

I’m watching Tebow play the Patriots. At least that’s all I’ve heard this week. Tebow against Brady. As if they’re going to face off against each other on the field. I can’t stand douchebag sports media. They think all fans … Continue reading

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I’m watching the Cheatriots (sorry folks, that “catch” for the TD to make it 14-0 was phantom) play the Broncos. A commercial came on for something called “Kobesystem”: Kobesystem: ITS A SHOE, PEOPLE! Phil Knight should be arrested for stealing … Continue reading

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Hue Jackson sacked

In a long overdue move, Raiders new GM Reggie McKenzie fired Hue Jackson. Not for McKenzie, but for the team. McKenzie wasted little time in pulling the trigger. Did anyone not see this happening? Now Jackson is saying it was … Continue reading

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Run Down

You ask, where is BSP? Well, maybe you don’t. In fact, I’m sure you don’t. However, here’s some of the fun stuff: The Giants waxed the Falcons, 24-2 to win the play-in game. They now will play Green Bay in … Continue reading

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Detroit – New Orleans

I’m watching the Lions and the Saints. The Saints are trampling the Lions, 45-28 at the moment. The Saints have the ball down at the Detroit My son absolutely HATES the Saints. I say I can understand it, since the … Continue reading

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