Tony Parker’s an All-Star…and…

Just read in the Express News, Tony Parker’s an All-Star. Although we are not homers here, it’s a deserving selection.  Just because TNT’s panel didn’t have Parker on any of their lists of potential All-Star backups is meaningless. That guy has kept that team afloat after the loss of Ginobili. This is Parker’s fourth appearance as an All-Star.

This is actually quite interesting. Parker’s played at a high level all year, but he’s never been really seen as an elite player in the league. San Antonio fan has never given the guy proper credit as the one who made everything go. Manu Ginobili is probably the most popular player on that team, but he’s been breaking down when it counts over the past few years. Both of those guys are slashers that really make things go for that team and if they hope to do anything, they need them both healthy. Popovich really believes in restricted minutes for his elite players during the regular season, but due to the loss of TJ Ford, Parker has had to play a lot. Therefore, his numbers are up, making him a All-Star. It’s a solid bet once Ford returns, Parker’s numbers will go down in an effort to get him rested and ready for the playoffs.

Where we get stuck with Parker is his Hall-of-Fame positioning. He’s a multiple All-Star, has three titles to his credit, and a Finals MVP. Is Tony Parker a Hall-of-Famer? I would have to say yes, because there aren’t a whole lot of guys with that on their resume who are not. What makes his bid fragile is that he’s been perceived as the third wheel on a very good team over a long stretch. He’s only had one coach so he hasn’t had to change systems. He’s not an elite defender at the point, but he does work hard on defense. Actually, I thought he was a superb defender earlier in his career but he’s done less defensively since he was asked to do more on offense.

His marriage to Eva Longoria is interesting, because the divorce seems not to have affected his play at all. He might have actually been better during the divorce period.




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