Chamberlain’s 100 point game

We all know Kobe got 81 in a game against the Raptors. When we saw that, we all (except The Lakers myopic) thought, ballhog.

However, there was hardly anyone on the Lakers who could pile up big scoring numbers.

In the meantime, we take a look back at the night Wilt Chamberlain scored 100. In 2 days, we will arrive at the 50th anniversary of the Knicks-Warriors game. In that game, he had 23 points in the first quarter, and 41 at the half. One of his teammates suggested that they get the ball to Chamberlain to “see how many Dip can get”.

By the end of the third quarter, Chamberlain had added another 28 points, rising up to 69. The fans were now into it and screaming “Give it to Wilt” every time. The Knicks were quadruple teaming him but nothing helped. Mostly because Chamberlain was one of the strongest men to ever play the game. He reached 80 points, breaking his own league record (set in triple-overtime). Wilt himself said he was “tired”. With six minutes left, the Knicks began fouling any Warrior except Chamberlain to keep the ball out of his hands.The Warriors responded by bringing in their bench and fouling the Knicks every time so they could get the ball back.

Chamberlain hit a fadeway for his 96th point, and with 46 seconds left, got free from the five Knicks covering him and scored for his 100 point night. The crowd stormed the floor, halting the game for nine minutes. The Warriors ended up winning 169-147.

Wilt said afterwards he stood at center court, because 100 sounded a lot better than 102.
Afterwards, the Knicks said the game was a farce, and one of the Knicks claimed if the Warriors had played a “normal” game, Chamberlain would have finished with 15-20 points less. Chamberlain claimed if the Knicks had played him straight-up and not been fouling, he might have scored 140.

Are you kidding me? That guy was before his time; the greatest player in the history of the game. MJ, MJ. Magic and Michael. Not quite. No three point line; no no-touch rules. Don’t give the “Titles” BS; you all know you have to have a great team if you are going to win titles. Wilt AVERAGED 50 points a game that season. After being called a ballhog, he led the league in assists. The guy was simply unstoppable unless the other team was full of great players, as was the case with the Boston Celtics. Interestingly enough, Chamberlain didn’t even call that his greatest game. That was the night he set another NBA record, by grabbing 55 points against the Celtics and Bill Russell.

Someone’s going to break that record. It might, or might not be in our lifetimes, but someone will put up 101 points. The media will claim the player is the greatest player in the history of the game for that performance. No. The greatest player in the history of the game scored 100 at least fifty years before that game.



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