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Ohio State – Kansas

Kansas comes back  from oblivion  to make this one a barnburner at the end. With 2:48 left in the game, Kansas takes the lead, 56-55. Thomas sinks two free throws and then Craft steals and makes a layup; 59-56 OSU. … Continue reading

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Bengals Cheerleader Arrested

ProFootballTalk is reporting a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader allegedly had relations with a  17-year old high school student. She is facing felony charges. Her mother, a principal, allegedly destroyed evidence. The cheerleader, Sarah Jones, had previously sued a web-based publication when … Continue reading

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LB James Shows Some Real Class

As you know, LB James has been cast in a negative light in the media. Occasionally those remarks have been on this blog. In spite of a plethora of evidence, everyone has some redeeming qualities, and “Bron-Bron” showed some class … Continue reading

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Over 18 only post

…I don’t curse on this blog…until now. I got a fucking parking ticket in front of my own damn house. Why? Because the San Antonio Police Department decided to send their parking enforcement into neighborhoods. They are the real criminals … Continue reading

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Head Coach Bill Parcells to Return?

Okay, there are levels of coaches in the BSP pantheon: A coach known by his name is a coach. He knows the game but there’s something not good enough to win it all…although he may have come agonizingly close. Think … Continue reading

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Ahem…maybe I was wrong…

About what? How about just about everything this weekend! I didn’t check my brackets before making the Louisville-Kentucky final. Louisville plays Kentucky in the national semifinal on Saturday. Kansas will play Ohio State, who by the way, won against Syracuse. … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods in Position to Win?

I don’t think he has enough in the tank to win it. This is not the Tiger Woods of old, where he would demolish the field just by being in the lead at the end of Day 3. The guy … Continue reading

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Most Hated Persons in America

Tonight, we were at dinner and I heard about this guy who shot the Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. It’s claimed the shooter might be the most hated person in America. Are you kidding me? Not even close. With the demise … Continue reading

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Battle for the Final Four

We’re halfway to our Final Four participants, and so far, they are Ohio State and Louisville. College basketball is interesting, especially these NCAA tournament games. As we know from the NBA experience, teams don’t win titles…they lose them. Ask Florida … Continue reading

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Saints Get Sacked

The NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on the Saints today, with a one-year suspension for head coach Sean Payton (without his $7.5M pay), the GM Mickey Loomis gets an 8-game suspension without pay, the assistant head coach … Continue reading

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