Saints Get Sacked

The NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on the Saints today, with a one-year suspension for head coach Sean Payton (without his $7.5M pay), the GM Mickey Loomis gets an 8-game suspension without pay, the assistant head coach Joe Vitt gets six games, the team loses 2 2nd round picks and the team was fined $500,000.

Read the link. The Saints attitude during this thing was simply stunning.

I don’t like seeing those suspensions, but the Saints deserved it. While we feel there are bounty programs on a lot of other teams, we do not believe the practice would have continued after the team was warned. Why? I suspect Gregg Williams was not exactly in love with Sean Payton and would have done it anyway even if Payton had given him a direct order to stop. Now we await the punishment for the players, which I assume is going to be similar in harshness.

Meanwhile, Warren Sapp comes out and says Jeremy Shockey was the rat that snitched on the Saints. We’d put Shockey as an inaugural member of the Rat Hall of Fame for that maneuver, but remember—its Sapp, the guy with no credibility. You know, the guy who stole $30M from Al Davis.

Ok, one of the guys who stole $30M from Al Davis.

We also see the mentality of the NFL player, which you have to understand is of the warrior. In the same article we discuss Sapp’s comments, Atlanta wide receiver Roddy White tweets out this little gem:

“By the way y’all got a lot of snitches in your locker room and organization no loyalty”

And White might even have been a target of the bounty hunting. Goodell might not get it, but I sure do: Loyalty to your teammates is WAY higher on the list of most NFLers than a player who snitches on his own team. There’s certain things you just don’t do. It’s the NFL equivalent of shyting in your own bed. You think Shockey is going to be welcome in an NFL locker room? That’s a guy who could get hurt; no bounty needed.

This may sound odd, but it’s true: During the Cold War, CIA and KGB looked upon defectors with great suspicion and disdain. They both felt that people who could turn their backs on their nations were the worst sort, even though they were helping them.  I suspect these players feel a similar way to those organizations.


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