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Los Angeles – Memphis

I had turned off the computer and ready to go to bed. Then I tuned back to the Clippers and the Grizzlies. It’s LAC 97, Memphis 96, with under a minute. Grizzlies respond with a mismatch, Rudy Gay on Chris … Continue reading

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Sports Media Douchery

Here are the things I hate about the sports media: – Homerism: When the Wilbons of the world BLOW the people whom they are supposedly reporting on…but only when they play for their favorite teams – Bandwagoning: Sports media tends … Continue reading

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Rose’s Injury

We touched on Derrick Rose’s injury in a previous post; Wilbon in his role as Chicago apologist piles onto the NBA as he calls their schedule “overaggressive.” Really, now? Yeah, their schedule was overaggressive. That does not mean you have … Continue reading

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New York – Miami

Why am I going back to this game? I’m not, because it sucked. Did you see LB James FLOP after the pick by Tyson Chandler? Sorry, BSPN. I’m not accepting you (once again) blowing LB James. “He could be a … Continue reading

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Dallas – Oklahoma City

We’ve just gotten in from dinner and we’re watching the Mavericks and Oklahoma City. After an Oklahoma 7-0 run, its 94-94 with 1:27 left. After a mad scramble on the floor, Ian Mahimi, a STIFF comes in and makes two … Continue reading

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NFL Draft, Round #1

One of our senior personnel left work early on Thursday. He wanted to get in position for the NFL Draft. He said this is the time that all the fans actually have hope. I can see that. Some teams do … Continue reading

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NHL Playoffs, Round Two

Here’s an interesting turn: The Nashville Predators are playing the Phoenix Coyotes for the right to go to the Western Conference finals. BOTH teams have been threatened with moving to more fertile pastures in the very recent past. Tonight, Phoenix … Continue reading

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Social Media, Racism and Joel Ward

By now, you’ve probably heard of Joel Ward. Joel Ward plays ice hockey for the Washington Capitals. Joel Ward also scored the game winning goal for the Capitals in their hard-fought, seven game series against the Boston Bruins. Shortly afterwards, … Continue reading

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Washington – Boston

No one saw this coming, but the Washington Capitals defeated the Boston Bruins, 2-1 in overtime to win their series and advance in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Some Bruins fans are complaining about the possible goaltender interference on the final … Continue reading

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Jeremy Kyle Show

I’m watching “I Need to Prove to My Boyfriend That I am Not A Secret Prostitute.” Fascinating. If you are under 18 or reality TV subjects bother you, depart the BSP now. The first segment is a woman who is … Continue reading

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