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Boston, Miami and Blow-A-Star

I’m only watching BSPN Blow-A-Star because my stepson was moping around while I was watching something else. Has America declined to the point where Blow-A-Star…constant references to the “greatness” of one or two guys, is acceptable for a team sport? … Continue reading

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BSPN’s SuperDouche NBA Crew

Last week, I had the misfortune of watching Philadelphia get walloped by the Celtics. At halftime, the BSPN crew of Wilbon, Jon Barry, Magic Johnson and someone else I don’t give a crap about got talking about the game. Awful, … Continue reading

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Oklahoma City – San Antonio

This is a six point game in the fourth quarter, San Antonio leads, 5:40 left. There’s some suspect officiating in this game. When you see bodies flying on one end and a touch foul on the other, there’s suspect officiating. … Continue reading

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Deadliest Catch

One of my favorite shows is “Deadliest Catch”, a show about crab fishermen in Alaska’s Bering Sea. In case you didn’t know, your BSP author tonight was once stationed at an Air Force Base in the Bering Sea. The weather … Continue reading

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Boston – Miami

It’s 10-5, Miami at the first timeout. 5:38 to go in the first quarter. Again, the excitement in this game is almost too much to bear. However, I’m told by ESPN’s Douchebag Central crew it IS exciting. The Celtics are … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Shallowness

We don’t often venture often into politics. However, we’ve become aware the First Lady of the United States made some comments regarding the singer Beyonce, and who FLOTUS would be if she could: I’d be Beyonce. I’d be some great … Continue reading

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I’m watching Cheaters from last Saturday night. DVR is the greatest television viewing tool since the invention of color TV. In the first segment, the male Cheaters client finds out his woman is cheating on him. During the confrontation…one of … Continue reading

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