Doctor O’Neal and Athletes Returning to School

Most of the time, we’re taking shots at something sports-related. This time, we see the better side of sports. Shaq O’Neal earned his doctorate from Barry University and graduated yesterday…along with Maribel Pozo 🙂

A doctorate? From an NBA player? Unprecedented. O’Neal earned his bachelors, master’s degree and PhD after he left LSU. He took that time…all that time he had on his hands after NBA practices…and did something productive with it.

The NBA promotes its “Stay in School” campaign with a guy–LB James–who graduated from high school and went straight to the NBA. Are you serious? Maybe…maybe the NBA should spam us with players like Dr. Shaq and Tim Duncan…who actually completed his degree from Wake Forest University. Or players like Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant who are continuing their education in the offseason.

The same article says 60 percent of NBA players are broke within five years of their departure of the league, while only 10 percent of the league has returned to college after going into the league.  Meanwhile, seventy-eight percent of the NFL players encounter financial distress after they leave the sport.

To me, it’s always been interesting that these sports have “Stay in School” campaigns while they encourage players to enter their leagues without a program or project to help them continue their educations.



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One Response to Doctor O’Neal and Athletes Returning to School

  1. I’ve learned Major League Baseball and it’s player’s association has a program to help players achieve their educational goals.

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