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Crosby Signs Eternal Extension

We read Sidney Crosby received a 12-year, $104 million extension. This means he will be a Penguin for life. Too bad. I was hoping he’d go elsewhere. Anywhere else, that is, except New York. I thought Crosby had his gloves … Continue reading

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Chris Berman on Monday Night Football

Chris Berman has been “selected” by ESPN/Monday Night Football to work a game with Trent Dilfer. Sure. As if he didn’t campaign for it. As seen on Pro Football Weekly, here’s Michael Scott with the analysis of that maneuver:  

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Worn Down By Election

“Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!” – George Carlin I’m watching Univision News. It’s the only station I haven’t heard the names “LeBron”, “Romney” and “Obama.” Like any … Continue reading

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Have You Had Enough?

Tonight, I turned on BSPN. Sports Center has devolved into an hour-long shoe ad for a certain player. “Secret pact between Heat players.” Despite the fact that network had just broadcast the College World Series decisive game, DJ Stuey Scott … Continue reading

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Hockey Draft Time

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: It’s time for the NHL draft, as you can see at Hockey’s Future. This is when your hopes and dreams of acquiring superstars are born. Sometimes, they end shortly thereafter. This is the place where 18-year … Continue reading

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A Word About Travel, Eating and Stuff

As you know, I travel the country a fair amount. One thing I take pride in is my knowledge of travel around America.  It’s always fun finding out about new places, even though I’ve been just about everywhere I really … Continue reading

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Evelyn Lozada’s Comments

*** THIS ONE IS NOT FOR KIDS…OR TIMID ADULTS *** Or those who aren’t a little freaky. Evelyn Lozada, fiancee of now-Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson…er, Ochocinco…decided to get explicit about their intimate lives. When asked about Ochocinco cheating, … Continue reading

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Three Worst Calls of All Time

Since we’ve been talking so much about cheating, and since you don’t believe there is cheating in sports, we’ve decided to list our “Three Worst Calls of All Time.” This is actually quite easy. Of course, our worst call of … Continue reading

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Heat Wins Title

Well, the Heat are about to win their second title, and LB James his first. Wonder if their refs are going to get rings along with the players. My gosh, Miami could do whatever it wanted to while the Thunder…and … Continue reading

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How Many Centuries Will Sandusky’s Prison Sentence Be?

I’d say the worst part of Sandusky’s trial is watching his grinning self go to court each morning. What an arrogant ****. Sandusky not only is going to get convicted, his ignorant wife is going to lose all of her … Continue reading

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