The Case for Injecting Brisket

Here’s a little something I’ve heard is done in barbecue contests and backyard grilling: Injecting briskets to add flavor. Last weekend, we went to a barbecue where the cook injected the brisket with something. It was actually a pretty good brisket, but in all honesty, I think it would have been pretty good brisket anyway.

I’m not totally opposed to injecting barbecue. In fact, I do with whole turkey when I smoke it or whole chicken on occasion. I used to fry whole turkeys and inject them, but my wife says she doesn’t like them. Actually she doesn’t like that they are moist on the inside and you don’t have to wait for a hundred years for them to cook.

I digress.

The thing is with smoking a brisket and injecting it. In the case of the brisket I had at the barbecue, it was good but not brisket I would fight to have. I’ve had better brisket that was not injected, to be honest.

I might have to prepare a brisket that’s been injected to see; I’ll develop some recipe and post it when I do it. I don’t think injected brisket is “cheating.”

It’s hard to say what  “cheating” is in barbecue. In my opinion, “cheating” is using something unnatural. If you use something utterly disgusting like so-called “liquid smoke”, you should just turn your smoker/grill/device into a planter.

I happen to have some liquid smoke in my kitchen. It just hasn’t ever been opened, and I’ve had it since 2002.


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