Ten Best Barbecue Sides and Soul Food

First, a word about steaks:

We happened to see an article on TLC, “Ten Best Barbecue Sides“. We are always, always interested in sides because we are so concerned about meat, we don’t always do side dishes. In the BSP home, I like to eat meat on its own, but there are other people who live here. Meat…especially beef…has always been the superstar of the plate but we want to compliment it with something nearly as good.

Number six on the list is a sort of favorite and something BSP does very well. It’s called macaroni and cheese. Mac and cheese sounds simple, but if you’ve ever made it out of a box, continue reading. Aw, crap, I’ve made it out of a box but for a different purpose, like a casserole. I think mac and cheese out of a box should not be eaten alone.

If you want to do a tremendous macaroni and cheese, check out Patti LaBelle’s Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About. Serious business. If you want Southern-style comfort food, get that book now. There’s a Southern-style cookbook by Sylvia Woods. Sylvia is from my mother’s home town, Hemingway, South Carolina, and like my mother, she enjoyed success in the Northeastern United States, namely New York City. Sylvia started a famous restaurant in Harlem.


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