Tri-Tip Sandwiches

Tri-Tip Sandwich

I was watching Adam Richman’s “Best Sandwich in America” when I saw a San Diego restaurant serve the “Best Sandwich in Southern California.”

For a second, I hated the fact I live in Texas.

Because I live in Texas, there’s an obsession with the cut of beef called brisket. We at BSP happen to love brisket. It’s quite the tasty piece of beef, and when cooked right, is outstanding. You can readily find brisket here. However, when I was stationed in California, I became familiar with the cut called tri-tip. There’s another name for it but it escapes me at the moment. The reason I didn’t like Texas (for a second) is because tri-tip is hard to find here. Fortunately, Costco is a west coast store and they have tri-tip on hand. Tri-tip is a little bit moister, friendlier to higher heat and more flavorful than brisket. Its also a lot more forgiving.

Anyway, tonight after work, I made a tri-tip roast, sliced it up and made a spicy sauce. The recipe is pretty much like the one in Weber’s iPod app, except I manipulated some spices to give the sauce some zip. . It doesn’t take long to make on the grill, and I threw some wood chips on the fire just to add some smoke to it. Then I put it on a burger roll and drizzled some sauce on it.

It was fantastic. My wife doesn’t even like tri-tip and she annihilated it.

The Weber recipe calls for liquid smoke. I just added something else in its place, but not liquid smoke. Seriously, I have some liquid smoke in the cabinet. It’s been there since 1997. I am not joking. We don’t use liquid smoke in these parts.

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