Barbecue Cookbook Review

I was thinking about making some ribs for dinner but I just didn’t feel like it. Besides, my wife wanted to make chicken Alfredo. Then I saw the massive number of barbecue cookbooks I have and started to think about tomorrow evening. So I’ll look at my cookbooks. Here are some of my books and what I think of them:

Weber’s Big Book of Grilling: Everything from Weber is good, and Big Book of Grilling is no exception. The recipes here range from everyday stuff to restaurant quality dining. Recipes for rookies are good for quick burns before dinner. A favorite is Smokey Joe’s Crab Cakes (pg 76). The Rosemary Tri-Tip on pg 108 had something to do with our Tri-tip sandwich.

How to Grill. My first barbecue book; it has pages falling out of it now. It tells you exactly where to start in barbecuing and in grilling. It’s an excellent book for learning how to make all kinds of barbecue. One recipe I love is the Hellfire steak on pg 60. Pg 451 has an excellent recipe for roasted garlic butter.

Weber’s Way to Grill . It has a lot of how-to’s and answers a ton of questions but the big thing about Way to Grill is the number of fairly sophisticated, yet simple recipes it contains. Pg 48 has the steak sandwiches with grilled onions and creamy horseradish sauce, a terrific choice for a weeknight dinner. Pg 122 has “Slow Good Baby Back Ribs with Soo-Wee Sauce.” I wish we could show some of their pictures. Awesome.

Other cookbooks of note that I own:
– Beer Can Chicken, a Steve Raichlen guide to making beer can chickens and turkeys.
– Patti LaBelle’s Cuisine, a fabulous book for those without dietary concerns; try her Mac & Cheese on pg 154!
– The Indoor Grilling Cookbook, a book written for those who grill indoors exclusively.

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