Cruising to Europe

We are going to Europe on a 12-day cruise.

I bought the cruise last September so I’d get the thing paid off before we left. Its always nice to go on a vacation where you have everything paid before your departure. This is the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased short of a car or home.  It’s been a long, difficult year and it will be nice to take some time off.

The real pain, and main concern are the flights to/from Europe. If they get cancelled, they can cause trouble because the ship does not wait for you. Plus those fares are expensive and we had no choice but to buy during the summer.

What’s cool about this cruise is, we specifically chose for a time when children would normally be in school. We wanted a time to relax instead of dealing with pushy people. Plus I got a very good deal after the Costa cruise ship capsized. Sorry to say that, because people lost their lives in that incident. Sad, but a confluence of events, along with poor leadership caused that situation. We hope we can avoid major incidents on board our ship.

Anyway, I’ve been cruising for a few years now. Our previous cruises were the Western Caribbean, Southeastern Alaska, Eastern Caribbean and an alleged “exotic” to Belize, Honduras, Mexico and Grand Cayman. Cruising is the best vacation because you don’t have to think too much. You don’t have to drive; you don’t have to do anything but be on time for a few events. You can eat when you want, you can exercise when you want. You get pampered a little bit. You get off the ship and you visit amazing places. The only thing about cruising Europe is, our ship (as seen in the video) was totally designed for the Caribbean. Europe isn’t great for cruise ships of this size because there are too many stops.

I’m looking forward to it.



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