Carnival Breeze

Its the final full day of our cruise. I have enjoyed it, despite a recurring back problem. I’ve written about some of our ports, but I haven’t mentioned our ship. It’s the Carnival Breeze. It’s Carnival’s newest and biggest ship, and it’s outfitted with the latest design. It is much less gaudy than the previous Carnival architecture, known as “Farchitecture” because of the main designer, Joe Farcus.

Carnival Breeze is a beautiful ship, but it’s designed more for the Caribbean than Europe.

Europe is more for short distance trips. This particular cruise had three major ports of call; Livorno, Civitavecchia and Venice. Since Livorno and Civitavecchia are back-to-back, it makes it hard on the cruiser. The Caribbean is much less difficult; the cruise doesn’t demand the tight scheduling this one does.

Carnival Breeze is light and airy. I’ve taken a number of pictures on the ship. I’m gonna save those for when I get home, or at least back to Miami. Besides, it looks creepy going around the ship taking pictures. One chick though I was scoping her out. Are you serious?

The most popular feature on board is Gus’ Burger Joint. It should be. They’ve served thousands of burgers. It feels like I’ve personally eaten thousands of them. They are awesomely good. Try the Pig Patty, its superb!

It also seems like Carnival pulled its best people out for this ship. There are several veterans with more than 10 years cruise service on board the Breeze.

I’d love to cruise this ship when it gets to the Caribbean. I believe the Magic and the Dream are in this format. One other Carnival ship, the Destiny is going to be reworked into the new architecture and called the Carnival Sunshine. It’s going to cruise Europe.

Since I’m now home, here are some Breeze pictures. Enjoy. These are not all my Breeze photos, I will post the better ones once I get them on my iPad.








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