Sandusky’s Outrageous Sentence

Sandusky was sentenced today.

One of our most popular posts was the one where I asked “How many centuries will Sandusky’s prison sentence be?” I was thinking at least two. After the prosecutor and some victims gave impact statements, Sandusky gave his own speech. He claimed he was the victim and remained in total denial. Pathetic.

The judge, who could have given Sandusky anywhere from 10 to 220 years, chose to give him 30 to 60 years for the 45 guilty verdicts he received. That means eight months per conviction. Sandusky could get out when he’s 98 years old.

Now I know that sounds like a death sentence. However, the judge is sending the wrong message. He should have given Sandusky a sentence appropriate for the crimes he committed. Eight months for all the crap that guy did is a pittance.

The possibility Sandusky could get out, even if he’s 98, is another slap in the face to the victims. 200 years would have been appropriate. We heard on ESPN one dude in Alabama got 600 years for being a child molester.

Sandusky joins O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony as the most hated non-politicians in America.

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