Never Die Alone

I watched the movie, “Never Die Alone”, on HBO. It’s about a drug dealer who leaves a trail of broken people in his wake. Eventually he’s killed by a young man who turns out to be his son. The son didn’t know he was this drug dealer’s son until after he kills him.

The drug dealer had killed his mother by using battery corrosion in place of heroin. She had been “clean” for six weeks, then he gives her the fake heroin after she’s threatened to go to the police on him. She and her kids had no food and she needed money. After beating her and her son, the drug dealer departs. Later, she shoots up with the fake heroin and dies in front of her children.

Drugs are a bitch.

Fascinating. I hardly ever watch movies. I found this one interesting because of the impact a person can have on others through words and deeds. In this case, it was an extremely negative impact. It’s amazing to me because the same people can have impact in a positive manner; they just choose not to do so. Chemical dependency isn’t just on the chemical. It’s a dependency on people who don’t give a damn about the person with whom they are involved. The addict needs that fix worse than anything.

Its terribly sad.


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