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Commissioner Stern to coach NBA Team

Commissioner Stern has decided to coach the San Antonio Spurs. He’s gonna make them play players they don’t want to play, for the sake of ratings. The commissioner, instead of addressing the huge competitive imbalance in his fake fraudulent league, … Continue reading

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Found out today my wife has breast cancer. It seems that it’s been caught in the earliest stages, but there are going to be rough days ahead. These include surgery and radiation therapy. Her chances for recovery are fairly high. … Continue reading

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Chuck Barkley, San Antonio and Tanking Games

By now, all of you know San Antonio tanked a game tonight against the Miami Heat. The Spurs sent home Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Danny Green. They left their bench with guys like Tiago Splitter, DeJuan Blair … Continue reading

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Powerball Winners, Take Note

Hey, the Powerball number just came out. The numbers are 5-23-16-22-29; Powerball is 6. Everyone who played the Powerball thing is dreaming what they would do with the money. Here’s a few tips from BSP if you happened to win … Continue reading

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The Jeremy Kyle Show

One of my mandatory DVR recordings is of the Jeremy Kyle Show. Can you imagine my delight when, on our cruise, the Jeremy Kyle Show appeared on British TV? Kyle apparently shows up on both sides of the pond. He’s … Continue reading

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Notre Dame – USC

Watching the last few seconds of Notre Dame and USC. Notre Dame leads 22-13. Notre Dame is going to win tonight, and will play in the national title game against the winner of the SEC Championship game. I’m not going … Continue reading

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IPhone5 upgrade

I saw an advertisement stating iPhone 5, the latest iteration of the Apple series of phones, is “fastest on AT$T’s 4G network.” Do you believe that? Does anyone believe that? Do you have more faith in iPhone than I do? … Continue reading

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First Take

Yesterday, I said I’d discuss something I saw on the ESPN sports show, “First Take.”  I will get serious in a moment, but lets get our laughs in.   First, let me say I was 0-3 yesterday. Actually, the Lions … Continue reading

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Black Friday…again

Its just about 3 AM and I’m at a local store in line to buy some stuff. As always, Black Friday involves extreme douchery. I went to Wal-Mart last night when it opened at 8pm. Bad decision, on my part … Continue reading

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New England – NY Jets

Watching Lenny Kravitz as the Patriots bombard the Jets 35-3 at the half. Too funny, dude is wearing a turkey suit and yelling at the Jets. Does anyone who does this stuff realize how flat out ridiculous they look when … Continue reading

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