Bitter Pills for a CIA Director

Today, I spoke with one of my colleagues about the abrupt resignation of Mr. David Petraeus as CIA Director. My colleague worked for then-General Petraeus in Baghdad. He was floored, and didn’t believe it until Petraeus resigned. My colleague simply said this:

If it could happen to General Petraeus, it could happen to anyone.

My colleague suggested there was no way this could happen to the Petraeus he met. The man was simply too polished, too image conscious to let it happen. The problem is, it could happen to anyone. General Petraeus is no angel, lets make that clear. But to have an attractive woman twenty years younger who clearly admired him, that had to resonate somewhere in his ego. Men are not hard creatures to figure out.

It would have been cool if Joey Greco or the @$$ clown that replaced him, “Clark Gable” had busted in on Petraeus. Except the Cheaters detectives probably would have ended up in tie wraps on the side of the road.

I was in the military and retired from it. The real bothersome thing is the hypocrites who denounce other disgraced officials.  I get a kick out of when senior officials get indignant when they hear about the sexual indiscretions of other officials, after they’ve done the same actions themselves. Adultery and other stuff are not uncommon. You know, what goes TDY stays TDY. I wouldn’t be surprised if more of these things involving senior officials reared their ugly heads. After all, these people are human, not robots.

Another thing I think is important for conspiracy theorists to recognize: This was the CIA Director. If he can’t get away with it, there’s no hope for the rest of you.

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