I admit, I drink beer occasionally. Beer is interesting because a lot of people I know don’t like the taste. The people I do know who like it are “committed” to it. I’m not the guy who can tell you the difference between a Stella and Pilsner Urquel, but I know what I like. Some beer is very good; a lot of it sucks.

For me, there’s different types of beer in these categories:

Crapwater: think Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light, light beer period, Coors, Budweiser, Michelob

American standard bearer: Samuel Adams.


Delicious: Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon, various microbrews, etc.



Superb: Alamo Golden Ale.

Last night, I was going through HEB when I observed some of the beers they had available. There’s a couple I’ve tried I really like and I wanted to pass the data on to you. Even if you don’t live here, you get to know:


Alamo Golden Ale. Terrific stuff. My former commander used to keep some in his beer fridge until it started getting wiped out. The truth is, Alamo Golden Ale is better than just about any beer I’ve had here. Fresh, crisp and by far the best thing on a hot Texas day…which is just about any Texas day.

Blue Moon. Extreme skepticism when I saw Blue Moon was brewed in Golden, Co. I believe that’s where Coors is brewed as well, and Coors is crap water. Blue Moon is very very good, other than a summer seasonal that tastes much like Coors crap water. I highly recommend it to someone who doesn’t want something heavy.

Red Hook ESB. I do like some bitters and Red Hook ESB is fabulous. I can’t find it too easily around here, and I haven’t had any in a while.

Michelob Ultra: one of the few beers in the light class that I like. It’s low carb; almost guiltless, except you could get wasted off it if you had too much. Hey, it is still beer. A plus is, it doesn’t cause the reaction regular Michelob does to me. Michelob is headache in a bottle; it leaves me with a pounding headache no matter how little of it I have.

Stuff I don’t like: American light beers, Heineken (vastly overrated), Amstel light, Blue Moon seasonal, etc.


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