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Dallas -Washington

Did any of you watch the Cowboys – Redskins “winner take all” game tonight? I would suggest the Tony Romo apologists around here are going to have a tough time putting this one off on the coaches. Romo’s season-ending throw … Continue reading

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Awful Announcing and Five Biased Broadcasters

I’ve occasionally mentioned the website “Awful Announcing.” It’s one of my favorites because the one thing that goes totally unchecked in sports is the sports broadcasting industry. Notoriously un-critical of itself, sports media is known for bias, homerism and just … Continue reading

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Miss Universe’s Proud Parents

Did you see the Miss Universe pageant? Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island won the Miss Universe title. She is the first Miss USA to win that title in 15 years. Even though Miss Brazil is usually number one in our … Continue reading

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NFL City at What Cost?

Just read where the City of Oakland, ranked #5 in crime in the nation, had to lay off 200 police officers due to a budget deficit of $32 million. Meanwhile the city of Oakland paid the Oakland Raiders $17 million … Continue reading

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Hall of Fame Worthlessness

I recently did a post on Bo Jackson. I stated in the post that Bo Jackson isn’t a Hall-of-Famer, even though he was the greatest athlete I ever saw play. Likewise, Terrell Owens, a coach-destroyer who can’t find a job … Continue reading

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J-E-T-S: Quit, Quit, Quit.

Did you see the Jets fiasco in Tennessee? Did you see where they were terrible against a bad team? I’d like to give the Titans some credit…Chris Johnson had a superstar run for a 94-yard touchdown…but I can’t. They were … Continue reading

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Something’s Got to Happen

Been off the blog for a while. Of course, you’ve heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. There hasn’t been a more tragic, horrific event in the last several years. I can’t even put into words how horrible this … Continue reading

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Jeremy Kyle Show: “Is My Girlfriend Sleeping With Her Own Brother?”

One of the Jeremy Kyle shows I kept on the DVR was the one, “Is My Girlfriend Sleeping With Her Own Brother?” It’s so crushing I had to watch it again. The girl’s son, who is developmentally challenged told the … Continue reading

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The NFL Diva is Dead

Have you noticed, wide receivers who are attention whores are no longer in great demand? Terrell Owens no longer has a job. Neither do Plax Burress and Chad Johnson. Once their play dropped off a bit, they were cast aside … Continue reading

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Bo Jackson — 30-for-30

I’m watching 30 for 30, and they’re reviewing the career of Bo Jackson. I saw Bo Jackson play both baseball and football. I’ll say this: Bo Jackson was the best football player I ever saw. He possessed both speed and … Continue reading

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