Jeremy Kyle Show: “Is My Girlfriend Sleeping With Her Own Brother?”

One of the Jeremy Kyle shows I kept on the DVR was the one, “Is My Girlfriend Sleeping With Her Own Brother?”

It’s so crushing I had to watch it again. The girl’s son, who is developmentally challenged told the boyfriend he saw his mother kissing another man. Furthermore, the child told the boyfriend he saw his mother with her brother, close together and both of them had their pants down.

There’s lots going on in that show. Kyle hammers the girl for some type of sexual contact the infallible “lie detector” determines they have had; then the mother comes out and says she “didn’t raise them that way.”

Apparently, she did. Funny, I don’t think any parent raises their children to have sex with each other.

The interesting aspect is, the boyfriend was a total ass during the show. An asshole. We don’t spell out our curses often but he deserves it. The boyfriend had a child with another woman six months apart from his girlfriend. In other words, he’s a cheater, and an unprotected one at that. During the time when Kyle’s hitting the girl with accusations and pronouncing the lie detector determined she’s lying, he’s laughing and mugging for the camera. He’s been with the woman for five years. He doesn’t seem to have a job.  He’s procreating with multiple women. Are you kidding me? I’m sure he lined up some other housing before they went to the show, because she apparently was the bread winner.

It’s sad all the way around. I feel worst for the girl. She has serious issues, and she’s going to need help. How do you recover . I’d really like to see the “After the Show” episode on that one.

In the other side of the show, the guy crushes his wife. She believed he was cheating; then he comes out and says he wants their marriage to end. He then fails the lie detector test miserably. She’s an emotional mess, but…um…I can see where she might be a hard person to live with.

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1 Response to Jeremy Kyle Show: “Is My Girlfriend Sleeping With Her Own Brother?”

  1. Julie Garcia says:

    The woman who was accused of sleeping with her brother should SUE JEREMY KYLE. Lie detector tests don’t always work. He’s a liar to say they do!

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