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Lowballing People Who Work for Tips

Like most of you, I patronize restaurants. Like most of you, I will tip the waiters and waitresses who work in restaurants. Some of you do not. In case you haven’t heard, a pastor has encountered a considerable amount of … Continue reading

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“they were getting guys that didn’t love the game”

Today during Media Day, the Baltimore Ravens’ backup corner Chris Johnson, described the state of the Oakland Raiders during his tenure with the team. He mentioned the Raiders organization and coach Hue Jackson were extremely supportive of him while he … Continue reading

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Super Predictions

The coming Sunday is the Super Bowl. You know, the NFL championship, and a bunch of other crap. We are assured of two things: Coach Harbaugh will be hoisting the trophy, while coach Harbaugh will be pissed off in a … Continue reading

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Cheaters Weirdness

I’m watching a DVR’d episode of Cheaters, now hosted by Clark Gable (the real Clark Gable’s grandson!). This past weekend’s show had the usual suspects: the couple with something horribly wrong in their relationship and they fight; and the total … Continue reading

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SA Rodeo Barbecue Contest

Yesterday, we went to (in my opinion) the best part of the San Antonio Rodeo…the barbecue competition. This BBQ competition was different from last year’s, as there was a much larger audience. Therefore there wasn’t as much free stuff as … Continue reading

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Callahan throwing a Super Bowl? Perspective from a Raiders Fan.

Have you read where Tim Brown, former Oakland receiver and Hall-of-Fame candidate…until now…said that former Raiders coach Bill Callahan sabotaged the team’s chances to win the Super Bowl in 2002? “We all called it sabotage, because Callahan and Gruden was … Continue reading

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Large Posteriors, White Women and Weirdos

BSP would like to announce we are on a mission. It’s time for white women to not only acknowledge they have big asses, but to revel in the fact that they…like black, African, Hispanic, Arabic, Indian and Indo-European women…have big … Continue reading

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Earl Weaver Passes

Earl Weaver, a Hall-of-Fame manager for the Baltimore Orioles, passed away while on a cruise. He was 82. This one hurts because it’s one of those people who was always around during my formative years. Baseball was the first sport … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Most Hated Persons in America

Tonight, while at dinner, my wife and I had a discussion including Lance Armstrong and his admissions of guilt. Then we thought about the most hated Americans. We’ve discussed this subject before. There’s little doubt about the most hated person … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Participant Picks

Here we go: San Francisco – Atlanta: A lot of times, broadcasters will say “Brady versus Manning”, and stuff like that. It isn’t true. It’s Brady versus the other team’s defense and Manning versus the other team’s defense. MATCHUPS win/lose … Continue reading

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