SA Rodeo Barbecue Contest

Yesterday, we went to (in my opinion) the best part of the San Antonio Rodeo…the barbecue competition.

This BBQ competition was different from last year’s, as there was a much larger audience. Therefore there wasn’t as much free stuff as last year. Last year, teams were giving away beer.Shiner beer, which was excellent might I add. Click on the link for WOAI’s video of the 2012 event:

WOAI Video of the 2012 SA Rodeo BBQ Cookoff

This weekend, the weather in San Antonio is terrific, it’s been in the mid-70’s for the last week. We got to sample three different briskets, along with the various sides (cole slaw, baked beans, creamed corn). The brisket was ok, which means for you, its superb. I have to say the briskets I’ve tasted are pretty similar. The only things that make briskets stand out for me are the burnt ends. If you don’t like or know barbecue, you just got turned off but the burnt ends are spectacular reservoirs of flavor. I picked up a plate that wasn’t burn, but the big woman behind me passed over a burnt end. She had not a clue. I picked up the burnt end and destroyed it.

Man, I’m watching BBQ Pitmasters. They just did Texas, and now are doing Georgia. Are you kidding me, I’m starving! This reminds me, it’s about time for BSP to do a brisket. Yeah, it’s been years since I’ve made a brisket, but the reality is, it’s like riding a bike. There’s a lot of different ways to make a brisket. Some people believe in injecting the brisket with a marinade. I think that’s bad form; a person who does not know how to cook a brisket will do so with an injection in order to give it some flavor.  They will also wrap it in aluminum foil to try and keep the meat from drying out. You cook a brisket by applying the meat with smoke and low heat, until it’s ready. Ready doesn’t mean it’s done. Ready means its set to rest and allow the meat to retain the juices. Done means you can serve it. At least that’s how I see it in my book.

As for BBQ Pitmasters, Myron Mixon might be cantankerous but he really, really knows his stuff. You don’t have to listen to the cursing, but whenever he imparts some knowledge, you need to have your ears open. The man is a brilliant barbecuer.





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