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30-for-30’s “Broke”

While I was looking for information on Bart Scott, I came across a series of articles on ESPN’s documentary series “30-for-30”: This one is on athletes in the major sports who go “broke”. We often wonder how an athlete who … Continue reading

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Terrell Suggs Guarantees “Other 31 Teams Hate Patriots”

Terrell Suggs, instead of backing off his claims that the New England Patriots are the most “arrogant p**** in the world” after Baltimore defeated the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, reiterated them in an interview on WEEI: “Do I … Continue reading

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Next Vacation

I wanted my wife to help out with determining where our next vacation would be. Of course, she picked the furthest and most difficult trip imaginable. She wants to go to Australia. An Australian cruise, that is. I said “is … Continue reading

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She said what?

I’m watching the aftermath of today’s portion of the Jodi Arias trial. Incredible. The prosecutor asked her if she had sent a text indicating she wanted to give Travis Alexander a blow job, and she wanted him to blow a … Continue reading

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Oscar Pistorius

While the Jodi Arias trial will wrap up, hopefully by this time next week, the next big trial isn’t even in the United States: Oscar Pistorius, the Olympian known as the “Blade Runner” due to his artificial legs, will go … Continue reading

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Mante Te’o: We Have our Questions

Was looking at Mante Te’o in the combine. Putting all the catfishing stuff aside, I’d have my concerns about a team selecting him with a high pick. Today he ran a 4.82 40. He didn’t even participate in the lifting. … Continue reading

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Divorce Court: The Diva Episode

I’m watching an episode, “Robinson vs Robinson”. The wife calls herself “Diva”. Apparently the wife got on the reality TV show “Wife Swap” and she was overcome with herself. She follows a rapper around like the rapper gives a shit … Continue reading

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