Jodi Arias Trial

This is even better than the trash TV I normally watch: The Jodi Arias trial continues, with the woman on the stand for six consecutive days.

Video by tawnidilly

In case you didn’t know, Miss Arias killed Travis Alexander, by stabbing him 27 times, slitting his throat and putting a bullet into his head. She’s admitted having done so, despite the belief of some dumbasses. Apparently, Miss Arias’ lawyers are paving the way for a defense based upon being degraded by Mr. Alexander. In these six days, Miss Arias has described multiple sex acts with Mr. Alexander, including multiple incidents where Mr. Alexander described his deepest fantasies with Miss Arias. In one recording, made less than a month before his death, Alexander tells Arias about his desire to tie her to a tree and then “put it in her ass.

Arias told the riveted jury that she even looked for the right spot to fulfill his fantasy, in the woods near her grandparents’ home in northern California.

Apparently, Mr. Alexander and Miss Arias got off on role playing and non-missionary sex. While Mr. Alexander didn’t acknowledge her to his family, he evidently enjoyed having her company. I don’t know why they are bringing this sex stuff up, but I can tell you this guy Travis Alexander made a huge mistake by dumping this woman. Not just because she killed him, but because she was awesome. Yeah ladies, this is strictly guy-think right here. That means allowing your penis to make life decisions for you. Come on ladies, we men do it all the time.

Here’s this woman on the good side of hot who is willing to do virtually anything you want in the sack and you’re telling her to get lost? Are you kidding me? That’s like telling a baseball pitcher to stop using the fastball because he’s getting all of those guys out too quickly. This dude was having bang-a-thons with Miss Arias. It appears as if she was indeed a willing participant. Did Miss Arias really think a guy who’s wildest dreams she is fulfilling would stop the relationship?

Meanwhile, the trial is being recapped by the hostile-to-defendants reporter Jane Velez-Mitchell. JV-M’s Headline News page has a poll on whether Miss Arias was the victim of abuse by Mr. Alexander. Apparently, the American public thinks Miss Arias’ lawyers are trying to create enough doubt to keep her from getting a needle stuck in her arm vice actually getting her off.

BSP believes nearly all Puerto Rican women are hot. Almost all Hispanic women are hot. Thank goodness I’m married, because if I wasn’t, some woman of Hispanic descent could have all my money. Hey, I dig the different Hispanic cultures; I think they are awesome.

Then again, my wife is not Hispanic and she has all my money.





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