Jodi Arias’ Testimony

If Jodi Arias gets anything less than life without the possibility of parole, it’s a travesty. If this jury swallows her crap, they’ll take the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award.

I thought about this for a bit and it’s remarkable what this woman did. She drove to Southern California, bought gas cans for some reason and then drove to Mesa. Then after banging Travis Alexander TWICE,  she shot and stabbed him 29 times. Then she drove from Mesa to Salt Lake City. When she got there, she banged yet ANOTHER dude!

For those of you who don’t know, driving across the Western United States is a big deal. I’ve driven across the western United States. Mesa to SLC is a 10-11 hour drive and it’s not a straight shot. Driving across the western U.S.  deserts is a big deal. Jodi Arias drove from Southern California to Mesa to SLC without having to stop for gas.

That woman was up to something and she knew what she was going to do well in advance of her getting to Mesa. Hey, if I want to buy gas to last me an entire trip, I don’t do it in Southern California! It’s kind of expensive there.

Travis is no saint, because he was using Miss Arias for her body. I do think he didn’t really care if he had never seen Jodi ever again. If she was going to throw herself at him, he was gonna work it. I’m sure he didn’t think he’d get the death penalty for it.

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