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NBAer Comes Out – Modern Day Jackie Robinson?

In case you’ve been on a different planet, an active NBA player, Jason Collins, is advertising the fact he’s gay. The one item this blog doesn’t deal with is homosexuality. At least, not until now. But I’m going to say … Continue reading

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San Antonio – Los Angeles

I’m watching San Antonio stomp the defenseless The Lakers in the Staples Center, 103-82. After The Lakers fell behind by 21 at the half, then Dwight Howard gets ejected early in the second half. The game was never really close. … Continue reading

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Michael Vick: Bust or Success?

It is only fitting on NFL Draft weekend, we talk about busts. We’ve seen guys like Jamarcus Russell destroy the team drafting them. We’ve seen where teams take years to recover from failure in the draft. How about the Michael … Continue reading

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NFL Daft

Not draft, “daft”. As in fans losing their minds over the NFL’s selection process. The NFL Draft is quite unique. That is, unless you consider the NFL has ripped off the hockey draft format, like it has done to everything … Continue reading

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Celtics – Knicks

Watched the Celtics and Knicks tonight. The Celtics led 48-42 at the half, but the Knicks charged out of the gate in the third to handle Boston relatively easily, 87-71. They lead 2-0 in the series. Unless Boston can get … Continue reading

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Derrick Rose — Go to War With Him?

I was on the way home listening to Fox Sports Radio, and their The Lakers homer was saying how Derrick Rose is a really nice kid. He’s a nice kid, but he didn’t want to go to war with him. … Continue reading

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The Siege is Over

The siege is lifted on the greatest sports city in America. This criminal, this nutcake is now in custody. Celebrate Boston, you deserve it.

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This Sums it Up

The billboard, located off the I-93 expressway that crosses the city, belongs to the local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) union. The chapter, Local 103, usually uses the billboard for union-related and community messages but that … Continue reading

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Jodi vs Casey

Previously, we had assumed Casey Anthony was the most hated person in America. “Person” excludes politicians, people. In this author’s opinion, Casey BigRack easily outpaced The Juice, but barely edged out Jerry Sandusky. Now Casey has another threat … Jodi … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon

Three pieces on the tragedy at Monday’s Boston Marathon: The victims: We are praying for you. What a horrible scene, in an event meant to be fun and a celebration. People killed, people losing their limbs. May God be with … Continue reading

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