Michael Vick: Bust or Success?

It is only fitting on NFL Draft weekend, we talk about busts. We’ve seen guys like Jamarcus Russell destroy the team drafting them. We’ve seen where teams take years to recover from failure in the draft. How about the Michael Vick situation?

Michael Vick was the number one pick overall in the 2001 NFL Draft. The Atlanta Falcons had traded multiple players and picks to the San Diego Chargers for the rights to that pick. In the six years Vick played for Atlanta, he made the Pro Bowl three times. He ran for over a thousand yards in 2006. In addition, the Falcons made the playoffs twice, advancing to the NFC Championship Game. The Falcons defeated the Packers at Lambeau Field, the first team to defeat the Packers there in the playoffs. The Falcons, after years of inconsistent QB’s like Jeff George, Bobby Hebert and Chris Miller finally had a star NFL QB.

Then again, first overall picks are the kind of players who get teams over the hump. There’s a reason why John Elway and Eli Manning can dictate where they are going to play. Despite being the prototype for the dual threat NFL QB,

Mike Vick did not get the Falcons over the hump, didn’t get Atlanta a Super Bowl win and that’s the bottom line.

After the torture and killing of dogs, Vick paid a steep penalty. Look at it this way: Vick served two years in prison for his activity. Look, I love animals too. I have a couple of cats and I treat them like they are my children. If someone tried to hurt my cats, they are going to pay for having done so. Mike Vick paid his debt to society and he’s now back playing football.

After he left prison, Mike Vick played at a high level. He won the Philadelphia QB job over Kevin Kolb and in 2011 he once again made the Pro Bowl.

He led the Eagles to the playoffs, suffering a 21-16 loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. Afterwards, Vick suffered from poor protection and injuries and the Eagles team slumped off.

The question is, is Mike Vick a bust? Since he’s not the Atlanta franchise savior, is he a failure as an NFLer? There’s a wide gulf between Troy Aikman and Jamarcus Russell. Of course, Vick’s final chapter has yet to be written. There are varying levels of bust and Mike Vick may fit somewhere in those levels


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1 Response to Michael Vick: Bust or Success?

  1. Patrick says:

    It’s reasons like this guys like Alex Smith and, as mentioned, Michael Vick, are considered busts.

    Alex Smith never really lived up to being a 1st round 1st pick in the 2005 draft. Guess who else was in that draft? Aaron Rodgers. We’ll never know if Rodgers would have success in what would be one of the most hectic coaching cycles in NFL history (only to be matched by the 90s Bengals and another Bay Area team, the Raiders). Alex Smith never enjoyed any true success until Jim Harbaugh came along, but that 49er team was loaded with talent, ready to make the playoffs. Though bad coaching in SF is more to blame with the fact that the 49ers endured more futility than they probably should have with all that talent, Alex Smith nonetheless was injury prone, and consistently put up not-so-great-stats until 2011. There’s a reason he’s considered a bust by some, and it’ll be interesting how he fares with Andy Reid and the KC Chiefs.

    You’ve explained Mike Vick quite well. Like Smith, Vick was the 1st selection in his draft. Unlike Smith though, Vick experienced more success, and in fact, led his team to the playoffs 2 times, including an NFC Championship. But Vick never really achieved anything that great while in Atlanta. Heck, they never were able to post consecutive winning seasons (and the Falcons couldn’t do that in all their history until 2008-09). Vick, like Smith, also had consistent health issues. It only got worse with the whole dog fighting scandal. And there was Atlanta’s 1st pick, in prison, now released. Neither of these guys won a Super Bowl with their team (though they did both go to the NFC Championship), neither of these guys could truly stay fully healthy, Sure, Vick did put up achievements, but nonetheless truly under performed in Atlanta.

    There are busts that are obvious like Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russel, and Cade McNown, and then there are these not so obvious ones like say Michael Vick or Alex Smith.

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