Jodi Jury Wins Award

Remember this little gem from BSP, during the Jodi Arias trial?

 If this jury swallows her crap, they’ll take the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award.

As you can imagine, the “Biggest Dumbasses Ever” award is not enviable. Surely enough, the Jodi Jury convicted her of 1st degree murder. They voted for special circumstances. Then they decide they can’t give her the laydown for the Big Dirt Nap?Here’s a Jodi juror, the foreman explaining why they can’t give her the needle:

What a rockhead. 8-4 to give her the juice? Are you kidding me? What were those four people thinking? Well, lets give you a little snippet of what the foreman was thinking:

“I’m very sure in my own mind that she was mentally and verbally abused. Now is that an excuse? Of course not. Does it factor into the decisions that we make? It has to.”


“When I looked in the courtroom for the first time and looked who the defendant was, it’s hard to put that in perspective when you look at a young woman and think of the crime and then think of the brutality of the crime,”

Oh, sweet little Jodi couldn’t have done something that horrible without being provoked? That guy’s an idiot. She’s a killer. She admitted doing it. She’s a murdering psychopath.

I wish the Alexander family had a voice like Fred Goldman. He didn’t shy away from calling the Juice a murderer.

God bless the Alexander family, having to go through this nonsense and have this awful human being walking the earth because idiot juror thought Jodi was too cute to have done that crime.



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