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A-Roid Banned for Life?

Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is planning to implement a lifetime ban on Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Seems Rodriguez is the center of the Biogenesis scandal, due to his not only taking PEDs but recruiting other athletes into … Continue reading

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Marcus Vick Issues Bounty on Brother’s Teammate

Are you kidding me? The story gets more bizarre. Marcus Vick, a guy who wasn’t able to cut it in pro football offered a $1,000 bounty on Riley Cooper, the guy replacing Jeremy Maclin on his brother’s team. Mike Vick, … Continue reading

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Riley Cooper

I was reading today about Riley Cooper, who during practice said a word so vile can’t even write what it was. Pathetic. Holy smokes, this guy dropped the N-bomb during a concert. Now the team, the league and of … Continue reading

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SportsCenter Measured in its Full Glory

Was reading Deadspin, came across the article “What I Learned From A Year of Watching SportsCenter“. All of BSP’s suspicions about biased sports media are correct. 1) Total bias towards pet players: The two top mentions of athletes belonged to … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong: USPS Should Have Known I Was Lying

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is suing Lance Armstrong for the recovery of $40 million in sponsorship fees. The civil lawsuit was filed under the False Claims Act.  Meanwhile, Armstrong is fighting back by saying the USPS should have … Continue reading

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Vacation to Australasia…or somewhere else?

A long time ago, I had the chance to go to Australia on an assignment. I didn’t. I ended up going to Warner Robins, Georgia instead. Anyway, we are looking at doing another vacation. Since I have hardly any leave, we … Continue reading

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NCAA In Trouble?

Yesterday, I listened to Geoff Sheen, one of the few non-clowns on local sports talk radio. While San Antonians find him annoying, Sheen has often brought up topics not discussed around these parts. Sheen discussed the Big 12 conference commissioner, … Continue reading

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Ryan Braun

Just after we posted an item on Von Miller, we have Ryan  Braun. If you remember, Braun contested a previous positive test and, for the first time in Major League Baseball’s drug testing program, beat the program due to irregularities … Continue reading

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Von Miller

It appears as if Von Miller is going to get a four-game suspension due to a substance abuse issue. The Denver Post reported in 2011, Miller had tested positive for amphetamines and steroids during his rookie season. A second instance … Continue reading

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Football Season’s Starting Soon

Did you see where the Dolphins and Cowboys started training camp? Football season’s right around the corner. The Hall-of-Fame game, the traditional kick-off to preseason is in two weeks. The Dolphins and Cowboys are playing in that game. The Dolphins … Continue reading

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