Asiana Flight Collides With Ground

That’s not a bad joke, that’s what the Air Force calls a “plane crash“. Two teenage girls were killed in the Asiana incident, apparently both of Chinese descent.  Both ejected from the aircraft, very sad. Also, a total hull loss of a Boeing 777, very unfortunate for an airline with a reputation for outstanding customer service. Many people tweeted details of the tragedy from the site.

I read an article yesterday (Friday) documenting the world’s best airlines. As expected, none of the Top 10 are in the US, and almost all of them are in Asia. Specifically East Asia and Southwest Asia. Can’t imagine how the passengers felt. Oh wait a minute. I’ve been on a plane that caught on fire, and several with unusual landings. As I noted while in the C-130  when smoke came pouring into the cabin just  after takeoff, “this sucks.” You just have to pray the pilots don’t run out of answers before its too late.

A couple of things:

A 10-hour + transoceanic flight and this was the second leg: There’s something to be said about alertness after a long flight like this. Doesn’t matter who you are, you’re going to be less alert…even if you are getting rest en-route. I know it’s not going to happen but maybe airlines should take endurance into account. I’ve been on a 14 hour flight. Long, 9-hour + flights are not great for safety.

SF International isn’t easy for aircrews. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to land/take out of there. It can be unforgiving for aircrews. In 1988, a 747-400 nearly collided with a mountain on climbout. The runways are too close together so they can’t do takeoffs and landings on adjacent runways. Plus there’s the bay, a mountain range on the peninsula and mandatory turns. SFIA isn’t one of my favorites and I didn’t miss it much; mostly because flying out of there is more expensive.





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