Medical Center

I was just watching Medical Center, the television drama from the late 60’s and early-mid 70’s. For those of you who don’t know, Medical Center and Marcus Welby MD were the forerunners of today’s medicine-related television programs.

As anyone over the age of 30 knows, television shows actually had theme music written for them, and Medical Center has some of the best theme music in television. At least the most distinctive:

Dig that synthesizer winding up like a siren going off.

I have questions about this opening video:

– Where is the Medical Center? It is in the Los Angeles area and a university hospital. I suspect it is USC, especially since there’s a football player in what appears to be a USC uniform running a football.

– Who is that football player? I believe it is either Mike Garrett or…the Juice. Medical Center first aired as a series in 1969, and OJ Simpson did guest star in an episode of the show.

If you see Medical Center, you might think its one of those all positive shows from that time period; you’d be wrong, even though Dr Joe Gannon, played by Chad Everett, never seemed to have lost a patient. Medical Center touched on some very serious topics for the time period. Robert Reed of Brady Bunch fame played a man wanting to have a sex change operation. Other episodes included a lesbian doctor, child abusers and caregivers injecting patients with insulin overdoses.

And Chad Everett had the greatest hair of any man, ever. Jimmy Johnson wished he had Chad Everett’s hair.

Medical Center rules

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