Sunday Night Television and Sam Kinison

I am watching Sunday night television.It’s not too bad.

I saw less than one minute of “Big Brother”. Total shyte, won’t ever watch it again.

I tuned into “Celebrity Wife Swap.” They have “Downtown” Julie Brown of MTV fame and Lisa Leslie, part owner of the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA team, swapping families.

Lisa’s husband, a 767 pilot, is very competitive; their family is very disciplined and very organized. Julie’s family consists of a 19 year old daughter and her husband is developing zero-emission big rigs. Julie’s family is less structured and much more relaxed.

The families actually like each other and were pretty good together. In fact, they celebrated the 4th of July together.

A real movie classic is on, “Back to School”with Rodney Dangerfield. If you remember, “Professor Turgeson”, one of Rodney’s professors, was played by the late comedian, Sam Kinison. WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE in the following videos:

“Is she right?” is one of the great lines ever.

“I didn’t know you wanted to get involved with the conversation, Mr. Helper” is another. “Good answer. Good answer, I like the way you think” Kinison stole the scene and almost the entire movie.

I found “Professor Turgeson” amusing for starting with how a farmer holds the land sacred, a Christian holds the Bible sacred and how someone holds their marriage sacred.

I think two of those three things, Sam used to disparage in his standup act. It was kind of weird because he used to be a minister before going into comedy. I’m not sure how he felt about farmers. I do know he used to say how Jesus could never have been married; no wife would buy the Resurrection.

I miss Kinison. He was not afraid to take on any topic. Stuff he said would not make it to the airways today. He always said how much he hated his ex-wives. He discussed Christianity, AIDS, and the use of American military power. Kinison had fought in Vietnam. Sam also ranted about televangelists and women a great deal. He seems to have realized his comedy was not for the young:

People know I’m triple-X rated. Obviously I’m not a role model for impressionable youth–Kinison to People Magazine

Kinison’s life was pretty much a mess, as documented by the Biography website. Lots of drugs, drinking and out-of-bounds sex. His mind-altering drug use was reportedly a factor when his then-girlfriend was raped in their home by a “fan” who had followed them home. She ended up shooting at the attacker, while Sam was passed out in another room in the house. His life ended at the age of 38, when the car he was driving was struck head-on by a teenage drunk driver.


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