Vacation to Australasia…or somewhere else?

A long time ago, I had the chance to go to Australia on an assignment. I didn’t. I ended up going to Warner Robins, Georgia instead.

Anyway, we are looking at doing another vacation. Since I have hardly any leave, we are thinking about early next year taking a trip to “south of Asia”, or Australasia. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand, because it’s cool weather and nature is a little different there. My wife wants to go because she has a strange obsession with penguins. She thinks they are cute. I think they are disgusting, filthy, noisy birds.

I also considered South America. I wanted to visit Chile or Argentina for a different purpose:

I want to get the opportunity to set foot on Antarctica. From what I understand, there’s less than 100,000 people who have actually been there. By “been there”, I mean setting foot on it. That does not include flying over it, which had its own set of hazards.

I think you have to get a permit and you have to be a scientist to get permission to go. Either that or work aircrew on a jet going to the South Pole. Setting foot on Antarctica would be the coolest trip ever. Unfortunately it rates as the hardest to get to, and certainly the most dangerous. Hardest because there just aren’t that many trips going, and when they do, they are hella expensive.

I’m going to make it happen, just not sure when.





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