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Ryan Braun

Just after we posted an item on Von Miller, we have Ryan  Braun. If you remember, Braun contested a previous positive test and, for the first time in Major League Baseball’s drug testing program, beat the program due to irregularities … Continue reading

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Von Miller

It appears as if Von Miller is going to get a four-game suspension due to a substance abuse issue. The Denver Post reported in 2011, Miller had tested positive for amphetamines and steroids during his rookie season. A second instance … Continue reading

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Football Season’s Starting Soon

Did you see where the Dolphins and Cowboys started training camp? Football season’s right around the corner. The Hall-of-Fame game, the traditional kick-off to preseason is in two weeks. The Dolphins and Cowboys are playing in that game. The Dolphins … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Television and Sam Kinison

I am watching Sunday night television.It’s not too bad. I saw less than one minute of “Big Brother”. Total shyte, won’t ever watch it again. I tuned into “Celebrity Wife Swap.” They have “Downtown” Julie Brown of MTV fame and … Continue reading

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Medical Center

I was just watching Medical Center, the television drama from the late 60’s and early-mid 70’s. For those of you who don’t know, Medical Center and Marcus Welby MD were the forerunners of today’s medicine-related television programs. As anyone over … Continue reading

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Roddy White Loses His Mind

I was minding my own business last night when Roddy White, push-off artist for the Atlanta Falcons, published this tweet after the Zimmerman trial verdict:         Are you kidding me? That’s the definition of outrage. Prior to … Continue reading

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Zimmerman’s Verdict

You know BSP loves trials. If you follow this blog, you know there has been a decided lack of interest in the Zimmerman case. Multiple reasons for the neglect. Zimmerman isn’t a hot female, like Casey BigRack or Jodi Arias. … Continue reading

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